Sunday, 3 January 2010

Mixed bag

As I write this, I'm playing a Vassal game against Astray from Rolling Yellow Dice and having a blast tbh :) He PMd me while I was layering on my Manticore, so I finished up, and started up the game. Lots of fun, though I still have a lot to learn, both in terms of rules, and in terms of tactics, but I think they go hand in hand. I lost by the way, I made a rather daring move with Stryker vs Kaelyssa in turn 3, and failed abysmally, but at least I played like I had a pari, I could have tried to save him, but where is the fun?!
EDIT: - I made the assumption that Stryker was a gonner, but on turn four, he smote Kaelyssa quite verily and bought me the game for no losses on my side, vs Kaelyssa and an unhealthy looking chimera, unlucky dice for Astray though :(

Still really enjoying painting, got the Manticore to the highlights stage, and pleased with progress, and got my Hydra base-coated, and not really looking forward to the detail on those fists of his :)
I know now what trays I need for the double aluminium case I'm after from KR, so I'll order that to coincide with my next day off, I hate re arranging DHL delivery, lol.

Quick update really, was just excited about finally making a contact for Vassal games, which, let's face it, is far far better than just painting up my minis with no game in sight! Oh - I did attempt to get a thread going on Army cases, as a reference, but I'm pretty sure people are just fed up of seeing that sort of topic, so it is on it's way down the board with a few posts. At least I can say I tried :)



  1. Oh I gotta play both of you guys now.


  2. We had an insane game. I've never seen so many turns of having two 'casters slogging it out. There was at least 3 failed assassination attempts there.

    The game did really show my style though, I value nothing but my 'caster and I'm always going to let you enjoy smashing my stuff up while I sneak round the side and go for your 'caster.

    It was a fun game and I look forward to playing some more. :)

  3. guys I jsut installed the vassal module for the vassal system but I was surprised that I didn't find a Retribution tab in the model section. I installed the latest version (3.1.1.) Is there something I'm missing our are you using blanc or proxy models Lofty?