Thursday, 7 January 2010

The waiting game

So I've had a couple more games of Vassal, and once I was assassinated on turn two by the lovely Kaelyssa.... I really need to think about what I'm doing more. I'm getting there though, I won my second game, with lots of helps and tips from my opponent ;P

I've been leafing through my PDF print rule book, and things are starting to make a lot more sense, so I'm hopefully getting there now. Just need there to be a Retribution faction on Vassal, so I don't have to proxy, and I don't have to use the Stryker battlebox anymore. Though Having said that, I'm going to buy the Battlebox (or the models that make it) and teach some friends of mine to play WM hopefully.

At the moment, I'm home from work, waiting for a plumber to show up to fix the burst pipe we got for Xmas, so I have plenty of time to get my Myrmidons finished. I have a Phoenix just waiting for a snow base, a Manticore waiting for one more layer of highlight, and the base, and a Hydra which has everything bar basecoats/washes. Sounds like a challenge for today ;P

I also just blew some Xmas money over at Maelstrom Games, and picked up UAs for both Dawnguard units, a Gorgon, a Chimera, Magister solo, and a Scyir. They should arrive next week hopefully, so I will be able to be fully painted between purchases :)

All I have ongoing at the moment is the magnetized Myrmidon that I started, and I feel like there is a fair bit of work to do there to rectify the mistakes I made with the arcnode/power plants. shouldn't be too big a job though, just getting the motivation to sort it out :)

Will hopefully post pictures of my entire collection tomorrow, as I will be at home again, and the snow/daylight outside seems to be pretty good for photos :)



  1. I support your lofty goal of being fully painted between purchases, if only because I fail so miserably at it :P

  2. Hah! Lofty goal ^_^ I'm trying to keep up with painting 'cause unknown TNT if I don't then it'll get on top of me.

    My name bitch! 'twas a beast of an assassination run dude :)