Sunday, 28 March 2010

Skorne: paint test

So here it is, a VERY quick mock up of what I intend to do with my new guys. Be frank, be brutal, I need the comments, as I'm very unsure of how it looks. I prefer the lighter of the two schemes, and the drybrushing is particularly sloppy, as I have very little time spare this afternoon. I may even ditch highlighting and patin the ridges/filigree. I personally think I prefer the lighter of the two (though the sunlight seems to have washed both to the same sort of brightness) and the green wash I used was perhaps too heavy. Anyway, I'm going on now. Pics below, let me know what you all think.

Once again, mr Astray over at rollingyellowdice, has sent these models to me gratis, as he no longer plays WM/Hordes. That's right FREE... I will send him some Malifaux minis as a thank you though, as I really feel bad taking all this for nothing. I will be blogging my thoughts around the army, as well as (of course) any and all painting progress I make. I'm going to try and order some empty bases of all sizes to make more of an effort with bases right down to regular infantry, rather than saving it for jacks/solos/casters as I have been doing.
I stayed away from Skorne as my choice for Hordes, as I was scared of the fancy shmancy armour, but after having seen it, I think I can make a decent job of it once I get a good scheme sorted. I know almost nothing of the background, except for what I've managed to read in Primal. However, I do like the look, and military feel of the army, and the varied beast options really appeal to me.

I think I'm going to wait until the Hordes releases start coming out before I add anything to this fledgeling force (35 points and an extra caster), but I'm almost certainly going to try and get my head round the Hordes mechanics on Vassal, and at the club in the meanwhile.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

I haven't JUST been playing recently

And here is the proof;

Sorry about the bad lighting, the sun stayed out long enough for me to set up, and get my camera out, and then went away again... All I have unpainted atm is my Stormfall, but they are on hold till i get some new brushes, as my GW ones which I got for christmas are pretty much bald by now... Bad batch I hope. Maesltrom games ha ve a discount voucher going, so I will be replacing brushes over Easter, as well as getting hold of the ret halberdiers for mr Rahn, probably when we get back from Bruges.

A friend of mine has just posted me 35 points of his skorne models... Gratis... I know, crazy right? This is the man who got me into blogging about my hobby, as well as Vassal, so I owe him a helluvalot :) So a big thank you to Astray over at Rollingyellowdice

After playing a lot of Vassal recently, the Skorne are certainly very appealing. I've been getting better at WM through Vassal too recently (he says, as he hasn't won a single game from 14), but the rules are sticking in my mind a lot more, and I make a lot fewer mistakes. On the whole, it's getting more fun, and I'm getting better, and enjoying it more. Looking forward to branching out into Hordes too, with only fury/animi being big rules changes (I think), it makes it easier to do something completely different :)

Looking forward to getting away with my better half next week, we haven't been away in ages, and it will be great to do so.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Vertical learning curve

Just had a great game at the club. I was perhaps a little over confident going into the game however. I continue to be amazed by how many attacks warpwolves can buy. Those things certainly pack a punch or four. Vyros spent all 6 focus and only managed to dismount the circle dragoon chap. Very disappointing. The sentinels and vengance continue to make me grin like an idiot, perhaps not so much today as they were well outside Vyros' ctrl area on feat. I swear I read that card twenty times at least, and I didn't know the kill had to be in his ctrl area... The palmmprint on my forehead will take some explaining tomorrow!
I'm thinking of dabbling a couple of games without Vyros. Facing eKrueger tonight made me think a Rahn list would be a lot of fun. My next purchase for my Ret will either be Garryth with a unit of Mage hunters or a unit if halberdiers for Rahn.

Opinions anyone?

While I'm canvassing opinions, I wonder whether to have Invictros in my Vyros list at all... They never manage flank, and only ever get a few shots off. But what are the alternatives?..
Anyway, I feel like I've learned alot in my ten games so far, despite being 0 for 10. Most importantly however, I'm still enjoying the game, new found friends, a great hobby and community. It's also relevant to mention here that I think a lot about each game while I'm limping away ;p

Sorry for the wall of text. I'll have some battle mage photos by the weekend hopefully, and possibly WIP stormfall :)

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Gotta Have Faith

I'm writing this while playing a very different type of game on Vassal today. Lots of spectators, so I explain that I'm new to the game at the beginning and still learning the rules. My opponent is good about it and helps me out. My problem however lies with all the spectators who begin to ask my opponent whether or not I can do this based on my models stats. I am after all present, and wonder why I'm being spoken about like I'm not. After all, who better to answer these questions... On top of this, in light of the apparent beating I'm taking, someone starts to set up another army on my side of the board, ready for when I've gone... Unbelievable right? not to mention confusing while I'm still playing the game. I guess for every good guy, you get three idiots. which is a real shame, because I'm yet to find a bad opponent on Vassal.

On a lighter note, I managed a pretty nifty feat with a manticore trample, leaving the manticore set up on eGoreshade next turn. but of course 'shade chewed it up and spat it out ;p
Still learning and still having fun (mainly...)

Saturday, 20 March 2010


As I write this, I'm playing the final turn of a Vassal game. After not attempting a game for weeks, for fear of proxies making the matter more confusing, I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been. coupled with a very patient opponent (Pantheon I'm looking at you) I've had a great game, and learned a helluvalot about
 a) my Vyros list (I LOVE Sentinels, there I said it), and
b) the game - charge lanes, reach, you name it, it came up and I didn't know it, but now I do. I even feated, and made it work to feed my Hydra for a pot shot at mordikaar, and the phoenix munched down some sword guys too, but of course the turn after, I got a few Vengance moves with the Sents, so regretted spending it early :P

I feel like I'm raring to go for my next game, Vassal or otherwise. and believe you me, I'll be playing a lot more vassal ;p. PM me here or on the forums, and let's duke it out! I finished my battlemages today, so I guess I can start testing a Rahn list, se what baldy and his follically challenged magic mates bring to the table.

Lastly - Skorne look pretty fun to play, mini feats on units are something I like - adds a lot of character I think. Makes my "I'm playing trollbloods" decision a little shakey ;_;
Tyrant Xerxis has always been a favourite model of mine, and I like the look of the filigree armour. Might be a little tricky to paint though I suppose. Exciting times :)

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A very positive (even excited) feeling Lofty

Thursday, 18 March 2010


I had my first PP sanctioned game last night. (organised by my local PG).

Still losing with Vyros, but I'm slowly but surely learning the rules. I'm also learning that I hate Cryx. Well maybe not so much cryx but spray templates in general.

Something else that has become apparent is that I know nothing about the models I'm facing. Which leads me into some silly situations, like the exploding scrap thralls, wish I has known what they did first :)
I also still haven't used Vyros' feat... Timing is a big issue for me, and I should be letting Vyros keep focus, and feat, rather than feeding jacks every turn.

I'm going to shake up my list a little, and see if I can get the hang of him a little better. I will be giving Rahn a try too, just as a break, as well as getting 'second caster' practice in as well.
Really enjoyed my games however, and despite losing, I was pleased with my performance (totalled a thunderhead with sentinels game one, and one-shotted a bonejack with MHA game two)

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Morphing into Primal

Just left this weeks club, where I was beaten by a Kaya list. I put up a fair fight though with Vyros. Going first left me doing a lot of manoeuvring with my sentinels, and Phoenix.

I was pretty chuffed with the MHA on turn two though who hit a feral warpwolf, but then went on to roll a one(above armour) for a doubled damage of two.... Couldve been nasty though.
Man of the match is the Phoenix however, who took out a lot of infantry and put the hurt on a second warpwolf before being eaten.

My problem is no longer remembering the rules, but thinking how to apply them. Vyros' feat and flank being the main contender. I find it difficult to decide the activation order of models to make them work together best.

This will come with practice though, and above all else, the game is still a lot of fun while losing/learning.

Also - gotta love weapon masters on the charge :D