Monday, 30 August 2010

Grand Slam

You'll have to forgive the brevity of my last post, I was crammed onto a train home from Leeds after the tourney, and only just had room to get to my phone (Sunday+Bank Holiday engineering works make for busy trains).

I've been away from the blog for a while due to lots going on at work, and at home weekends away, my 25th birthday, social life (yes it's true) and I've found little time for gaming unfortunately recently.

I promised myself that I wouldn't miss the Genesis event however, and I ordered a new aluminium double case for my Skorne out of my recent bonus from work. I also spent most of the evenings in the week running up to the tourney preparing my Skorne for the day. The last work I did to them was to paint the desert bases that I had made based on this thread on the PP forums (thanks again), but since then I haven't had chance to paint the miniatures. So with heavy heart, I began to get ready to spray the Praetorians and Cetrati and pin undercoated black miniatures to painted desert bases. Yes I know it's silly, and yes I know it's going to be a nightmare maintaining the base while I paint the mini's.... But at least I don't have anymore Cetrati flags to replace (love the unit, don't talk to me about those flags). Speaking of flags, the Skorne I got from my friend were mostly flagless, so at a later date I'll be posting mini's and asking for opinions on custom made flags or staying flagless...

I digress, month's without the blog have led me to ramble. On to the point -
A write up of my first win in a PP game, here it comes.

It was versus a Strakhov list including a Beast'09 and a Spriggan, and some assassins (I can't think of the name) and the seemingly obligatory man hunters

Game started pretty uneventfully with me shuffling my Forge of Souls (spot the reference, win some kind of baked goods) down the left (I of course mean my praetorians with Ancestral Guardian and Extoller), and the Cetrati under Savagery and Shield wall down the centre. Next turn the man hunters and beast have made it up into my grill and Beast is trying to pull apart the shield wall, but defender's ward is laughing at him. My titan comes out from the cover of the shield wall, and is promptly engaged by a man hunter, who funnily enough is dispatched quite quickly in subsequent turns.

The assassins make some mad movement buff's (mini feat?) and miss my stupidly exposed Makeda by a ridiculously small margin, and content themselves with back-strikes on the Cetrati. Meanwhile Strakhov is hiding behind his Spriggan and I'm desperately trying to find my friend from my local gaming club to ask if slams can go over walls, to which he of course replies that they can't. I sit down dejectedly just as he says “unless they have pathfinder”. So my turn comes round, I start the timer, make my upkeep's, cast carnage and move Makeda into cover behind a building, also casting rush on the Gladiator, who proceeds to slam the Spriggan into Strakhov, and follows up with 4 fury to spend.

And that, as they say, is it. Needless to say I was stoked about the win, I apologized I don't know how many times to my opponent for the high fives with my friend, and excessive jubilance, and I explained that it was my first ever win.

The next and final game was pretty good too, a Baldur list with lots of girls with javelins (again I'm sorry I can't recall their name) long story short, I made it into a position where the Titan was whaling on Baldur (after a failed grand slam on his swamp gobber buddies, literally by a quarter inch ;_;) but I hadn't twigged that he was sitting on full focus for a reason, and he transferred it all to the new shield guard wold guy. Forest creation/teleportation shenanigans later see Baldur back-striking Makeda for the win.

I feel like after just two games with the Skorne (my first two Hordes games) on Vassal the night before the tourney, I have a lot better grasp of the mechanics than I do with Warmachine. For example, I load up my Phoenix with 3focus regularly only for it to be sitting on one or two focus at the end of the turn because I haven't thought it through.

There are of course things that I need to get used to, like watching casters fury before I attack, and of course not only do I need to leave fury on my caster for transfers, I also need the 'beast to have fury spare to receive the damage.

Practice right?

I think that's all I have to say right now. Feels good to be back on the blog, and back in the gaming world again,. Built Xerxis today and a Drake, which I may just try out next week at the club, but I'm sure I'll be blogging again before then, so until then -

Cheers for dropping by

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hiatus is a strange word

I'm back, been lots going on recently and I haven't games in a fair few weeks until today. Talk about a triumphant return, I won my first ever game (it was Hordes I'm yet to win WM :p)
I won the Skorne coin for my local genesis event and won by caster kill on my second ever and of Hordes.
I was also pretty close on my last game, but Baldur was stocked full of fury for transfers so I learned that lesson the hard way.

I find Hordes a lot easier to play than WM, the fury mechanic I think is a lot more forgiving than focus. I also learned that my gladiator is my new favourite model, and running swordsman with an extoller and an ancestral guardian is a good idea. Now all I need is practice.

I'm back, and here to stay, Hordes style :p