Monday, 25 January 2010


Ok so I've been inundated with stuff from the gaming group which I mentioned last post. The friend of mine who is organising everyone is all of a sudden very keen to get some games started. So I was looking through my various cases and drawers, and came across some of my older miniatures, namely my Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves which are made up primarily of the older version of the multi part plastic kit. This means that if I did ever want to pick them back up again, the newer miniatures wouldn't fit. After a lot of thinking, and pondering, I decide to try and resurrect an old forum account on a Warhammer Dwarves board, and see if there was any interest in buying these miniatures. I also found some other bits n bobs, Warhammer elves, but they can be completed with the various half built regiment sets I also found :P

I also found my 40k Eldar which were the first GW miniatures I ever bought/played/painted, so I'm a bit reluctant to let them go, but nostalgia isn't what it used to be, and there is very little point in just keeping them in the drawer that they are in doing nothing.

Lots to think about and try to sort out, but it's all good. I enjoy painting, very much so, and I think mixing in some GW stuff along with my ever expanding Retribution army will keep things interesting. It will stop be from getting bored (yeah right ;P) of painting the same scheme over and over on my Ret, and it will hopefully rekindle my interest in some of the armies I will now maybe get an opportunity to play again with some old friends. I doubt I will ever get back into GW hobbies to the extent I was once, because I don't like the constant rules updates, but I like the miniatures, and painting them, so there is no reason not to play with them if I have the chance :)

Now that that's all been said, I found a Gorten battlebox on Ebay for £30, and I'm having a very hard time not buying it. Especially with it being payday today lol. the main reason I'm not going to get it is because I'm convinced that PP intend to make the Rhul 'jacks into plastic kits, the gun bunnies will be like the light Cryx 'jacks, and again in my humble opinion, the heavy Rhul 'jacks are far too similar to not be a half decent plastic kit. This is coupled with the fact that the battlebox is now discontinued.
I'll have to wait for the mercenary force book to find out though I suppose :) plenty to be getting on with until then!

Sorry for the wall of text, and lack of pictures, and thanks for dropping by.



  1. Dang lofty are you becoming a writer or something that's like a small novel right there.:P but anyways looking forword to those models!

    I guess you are right on the cal not to buy the battle box. They will probablyget one of those plastic kits aswell.

    Just order my new Warmachine armycase. hopefully I can fill it up fast :)

    hopefully I can start painting soon all your work really motivates me to paint myself.

    Cheers CJ

  2. Yeah man just had a call from a publisher interested in my work ;p
    you wouldn't believe how much self restraint it took not to get that box lol. Really kind of you to say dude, I'm glad I can help :)