Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weekly WIP - 29/10/2011

I've managed to grab a few quick pictures before the guys descend for DnD today. It isn't much, but just to show what I've managed this week.

My second "Wrastler" (a Beloved of Sobek by Crocodile Games) has been basecoated, and based (minus waer & grass) and is ready for washes and highlights. The water area of his base is going to be repainted, as I couldn't get the affect I was going for :)

The other guy, boringly enough is just the base-coated shell areas of my Ironback Spitter. The skin areas will be a dark green with perhaps some red/orange spots like this guy but I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping also to do some kind of acid drip from his mouth much like I did on Skarath (which I don't seem to have any pictures of...) following the same kind of formula as Snapjaw.

I also primed, and painted the bases of my first Gator Posse, and I'll be ordering a few more sunken bases for the below additions and to re-base the posse I traded with a friend )

Also, the below parcel arrived for me today, so I've got 50pts for all the Blindwater casters, giving me alot of variety in what is firmly my favourite Warmahordes faction :)

I'm hoping to be able to post weekly progress pics like this, but it will of course depend on when I get chance versus the weatehr (light conditions) and any social hassle :P

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In your base, coatin' your guys

Yep, it would seem that the puns have returned.

More importantly however, I primed some minions on Sunday, painted the bases yesterday, and started base coating the two beasts this evening.

Painting is fun, I seem to be a little slower at it than I remember, but then again, it has been a while, and work has been a bit hectic recently and I'm having some problems switching off in the evenings.

So hopefully this is the top of the slope leading back down into my painting groove, all the wedding and associated activities are well and truly sorted now, and we've made the last few payments versus the whole thing, so normality is returning. It's just a shame that it's the time of year that light for photos is so hard to come by. I may well just take a look at eBay for a decent budget light box setup though, as I'd like to keep this blog updated as well as painting posts on the forums.

I'll try and get a look in before Xmas, who knows - santa might even get the hint :p
I'm not sure that I will have time to get photos sorts this weekend, as we have a pretty mammoth DnD session planned, taking a big chunk out of Saturday evening/Sunday morning, coupled with potential flat pack furniture shenanigans, meaning most of the time is spoken for. Such is life :)

In other news though, I ordered a few bits for the congregation, and I'm waiting on Calaban, Maelok, full Bonegrinders, Thrullg and a second Bullsnapper. This should leave me sitting at 50pts with all the casters as well as giving my regular opponent a break from Bloody Barnabus, and me a breath of fresh air with some spell slinging from Calaban. I think Maelok may be some way off, as he seems to give posses the same durability as Barny does, which is what I'm trying to avoid leaning on at the moment.

And that's it I think for the time being. Lot to say but not a lot to show, again unfortunately. But bear with me, and I'll be back to photographic entries as as soon as I can

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Monday, 10 October 2011

Space Raider

I was at the club this week but I was playing Infinity so not much to report.

I did however pick up nq37 at last an I must admit I'm quite intrigued by the new warlock. I've been pondering lists and colour schemes all day.
Whilst I'd rather avoid a strip down ad repaint with my skorne, I do have some ideas to update the paint scheme I chose a little.
All I need to do now is get time to put brush to lead!

Most likely playing more infinity next week, buy I'm hoping for a vassal game perhaps in the meantime.

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Monday, 3 October 2011


More fun with Barnabus this week. Won one lost one, and still really enjoying him as a caster.

I also made some progress with Discordia and hope to been done with pics soon. Slowly getting back into the swing of painting, and I'm looking forward to getting some momentum going.

I think I might switch forces for a while once this 15pt league is finished at the club. Barny is a little limited and makes for a pretty predictable game. Being so tough doesn't help his image.
I'd like to try Vyros again, but he really isn't the easiest caster to use. Possibly Garryth I suppose, time will tell :)

Not much else goin on really but I aim to blog at least once a week.

Let me know your thoughts on next caster and maybe why :)

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