Sunday, 10 January 2010

Weekend Warrior

Welp, I've had a pretty good weekend all told. New Mk2 book is awesome, Leeds PG is trying to organise a game/event at his store in Leeds, and I finished my Manticore and my Phoenix, as well as neatening up my Magnetized 'jack ready for priming

Thanks to some tutelage on Vassal from the good Mr Astray over at Yellow Dice, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the rules and things now, just a few areas which I'm hazy on, but those are the areas that I haven't read too much about yet. I'm really looking forward to this game in Leeds, will give me chance to get my painted models on the table, and finally get some more use out of them, as well as letting me practice and learn more Warmachine, which is never a bad thing!

I placed a reasonably sized order at Maelstrom with some Money I got for Xmas, So I have Rahn, 2 Arcanists, a Scyir, a Magister, Chimera, Gorgon, and UAs for both Dawnguard units. Once I have my teeth stuck into painting that lot, my next few purchases will be both Houseguard units + UAs, and the battle mages. I'm still trying to mix what I want to paint in with what I would like to play with, so it might not make a lot of sense just now, but I hope it will be a pretty good collection to pull from for games once I have a steady gaming club to attend. Some good news on the gaming front as well is that the guy who updates the Warmachine Vassal module has finished all the sprites and things for the retribution, and is just waiting for the go ahead from Privateer to implement them into the module. This is awesome, as much as I enjoy playing and learning with the Stryker battlebox, it makes far more sense to play with my own faction, and learn the ins and outs of pointy eared xenophobes!
Onwards and upwards!


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