Thursday, 28 January 2010

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day indeed! I finally found a wargaming club! It was a chance post that I spotted on the Privateer Press forums, made by a forumite who's location was listed as Huddersfield (the next town over from me) so I messaged the guy, asking where he gets his games, and he messaged me back with the best news I've had in ages - there is a club in Huddersfield, ten minutes away from the train station. Genius. We have exchanged a few emails and I'm meeting him there on Monday so I can meet the gamers.

I of course checked about Warmachine/Hordes, and there are four guys who play with various factions, and a couple more, not including me, who have shown interest in the Iron Kingdoms. To be honest, I'm chuffed to bits. After a few months of waiting for the Leeds PG to get time to sort out a venue in Leeds (to be fair I think venues are scarce) I managed to trip on the most random opening, and found one ^_^
Needless to say I will be keeping the blog updated with how it all goes, and hopefully getting some videos/pictures of battles. I've decided not to take any miniatures on my first visit, so's I can meet everyone and get used to the place before I start gaming, get comfortable, ya know?

In other news - I ordered myself a Miniature case from the lovely people at KRMulticase (a double aluminium case with custom trays) and I will be showing pictures off at the weekend along with my recent painting progress :)

It's another long post, for which I apologise, but this is massive news :D
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Cool, and let's see the pictures!

  2. You call that a long post? I've seen longer posts at the garden centre!

    Good call on going to check the place out and get to know people before you lug your minis out there and plunge into a bad meta. Very sensible. Might be worth taking a portable card or board game out there so you have something to try and bond with people over, though. A lot of gamers (myself included) loathe small talk and need some sort of game activity to get the social motors running.

  3. Quixotic - pics are up! :)

    Von - you slay me dude :P really looking forward to tomorrow, will let you know how it turns out :)