Monday, 24 April 2017


Another new post category? Madness I tells ya!

Our group of Malifaux players have been batting around the idea of a Through The Breach campaign for a while now, and when the PDF bundle went up on Drive Thru RPG, I snapped them up even though I had the physical books, which my friend and soon to be DM also got at Christmas.
The announcement of 2e but a bit of a damper on things, but our DM friend has been playing D&D recently and has the RP bug again, so he train is ready to leave the station.

Briefly looking through the character creation rules etc looks a bit intimidating if I'm honest, and I've read some mixed reviews about the magic system being clunky. We have a date pencilled in for our first session including character creation, so that means that my wife and I have a target to have read and understood the game basics by (wish us luck!).

My initial character idea was a burly guard type character, armour under a heavy duster, shotgun & knuckle dusters kind of guy. This seems to be the kind of meat shield trope that I usually end up with in roleplaying games, so maybe I should change it up?
Idea the second is an arcane gun-slinger type with a plethora of pistols/huge rifle which they would presumably be able to augment through arcane buffs.
Lastly is the complete mage, with spells, a bit of madness and more of a contempt for humanity.

I'll base the final decision on what I learn from reading up on the rules, and how complex each character might end up being as a first iteration.

This also leads me on to having a model to represent myself in-game so I'm trying to resist the temptation to order the multi-part kit and create a character rather than just using one I have in my collection :p

I'll keep updating as this progresses. It will supercede my D&D plans for the time being, but will also hopefully allow some impetus to carry on into that from our Through The Breach campaign.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Back to Basics

I managed to assemble the rest of the Nightmare crew on Sunday, and everything went together pretty well except for one of the bikers.

 Elli Ramone is inside the wheel of her 'bike', the circular part of the bike however doesn't fit together as a complete circle for some reason. Of course I only discovered this whilst holding the rear part plus rider together while the glue set, in order to also get the handlebar in so that each part wasn't set and allowed be to adjust positions in order to line everything up. I wont go into details but after narrowly avoiding a high speed trip across the room, several loud and colourful exclamations seem to have made everything stick together just fine... If I'm honest, my heart was in my boots whilst struggling through that particular assembly after it costing so much. Not to dwell though, it's made now :) this is hopefully the last of my complaints and regrets about this kit as well so the future is bright!

As a bit of therapy after this last ordeal, I spent some time making the bases for this crew and Izamu

I'm going to add texture paste for a desert style base with some dry grass tufts, and desert style shrubs as well as dusty pigment on the base and some parts of the models when complete.

For Izamu I wanted to maintain his eastern aesthetic, as I will try to do with all Ten Thunders models I end up with rather than try and tie them into the biker gang theme of 'McCabe'. The idea currently is to do cocktail sticks as bamboo flooring on the raised parts, and try and recreate liquid greenstuff as 'water' (pre paint and gloss varnish) like I did for Hoffman's sewer bases, with the stepping stones, and some stiff bristles from a brush as reeds.

Lastly, I've made a bit of progress with the test woodgrain base I made for Abuela, and built up a more interesting base for Perdita.

There are a fare few bases outstanding for models I have undercoated, so I'm going to try and get some work put in on them, in order to make models usable where possible and paint them on their bases rather than having them sitting on corks WIP and not playable. This won't be possible for everyone though :)

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Monday, 17 April 2017

In The Wilderness

We were away this weekend, so I guess this post is actually Sunday's post, but who's counting?
Great scenery, really relaxing, and an extra Monday/Sunday to boot!

I also managed to get some primer on the rest of the McCabe nightmare crew, in order to make assembly a bit easier and mold lines more visible.

On our way back from the Lake District, we stopped by Element Games in order to take advantage of the April promotion that they have going currently, which meant it would have been rude not to grab some friends for the newest bikers to roll through Malifaux...

Looks like I'll have to start a new section to the blog for Ten Thunders, or keep them under guild as an extension of McCabe... I suppose it depends how far down the rabbit hole my willpower allows me to go!

That's all for the moment, I hope to continue progress with McCabe and with my painting backlog and keep the photos going :)
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Thursday, 13 April 2017


So this happened

But then this also happened :(

I didn't know it was a translucent crew before I bought it or I wouldn't have done. After speaking to the seller, he also apparently didn't know, and it wasn't marked on the original sale post. To be fair I think Paypal would refund me here based on misleading product information...
I decided to ask around about people's experiences with the translucent plastics from Wyrd, and they all confirmed what my biggest worry was, which is how brittle the plastic is compared to the standard kits. I decided, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth that I would carry on regardless as otherwise I wouldn't have the crew at all :)
The plastic is very brittle, and there are lots of thin parts which I'd be worried about even in the standard plastic. The smaller parts are also very hard to align as of course they are transparent. In hindsight I should have not started this but here we are :p

I managed to get the dismounted Rollins made up easily enough and Cherry Bomb assembled apart from the hand holding the gun which I can't see well enough to attach on such a thin connection point. I think before I get any further, the rest of the frames need a thin coat of primer to make them easier to work with for assembly.

I can't help but worry though seeing how thin some of the pieces are after seeing how brittle this type of plastic is.

Sorry to be so negative but I'm pretty bummed out after this costing so much with customs and all the rest, and now it feels like it needs to not be played with incase i break parts off...

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Monday, 10 April 2017

In Summery

You love puns, I know you do.

This weekend saw a lot of sun for us over in rainy old England, so I finally got a whole heap of models spraycoated. The only things I now have not ready to paint are the Titania box set that I'm still assembling. Including some of my wife's models I basecoated 30 or so models in the sun on Sunday.
As I was home alone, and had some family plans cancelled, I also managed to put in some time on my Lilith crew, and only have the lady herself and teeth/blood effects on the Nephilim before I can call them don and be happy (as happy as you ever can be when you finish a model i think)

I had started some basing ideas for the Ortega family, wanting to do something different from the cobbled streets of the rest of my guild collection in order to represent their remote frontier operations. I originally tried to do wood planking using coffee stirrers, but it's really not so easy to cut these in a way that allows them also to look realistic, and they all ended up with sharp corners and blunt ends on a round base. After deciding to make-do with the bases I had made, I stumbled across a great website detailing a good process for wood grain bases, as well as a video being released the same day for the same effect. Not being one to ignore such a huge hint, I stripped my handiwork off the bases and started a greenstuff replacement, using Abuela Ortaga's base as a pilot as it will mostly be obscured if it had not turned out well.

I really like the look, and will continue this for the other Ortega models :)

We played again on Thursday, and I took Lilith as we were playing GG17. I really enjoy Lilith anyway, but she seems far better suited to the new scheme marker heavy pools than Guild would be. I was considering a Sonnia list with stalkers/Handler combo and an arresting Daschel, but flight and sprint are fantastic for getting pieces in position and dropping markers. Personal highlight in this game for me was Nekima's grow upgrade letting me summon a Mature Nephilim from a heavily wounded Young Nephilim. I love me some Mature Nephilim!
Seems like this is the year of Neverborn for me :)

Lastly, I managed to snag myself a Nightmare McCabe 'Wild Ones' crew box which is currently in transit from the US, so more to follow on this as soon as I'm able. Excited isn't the word!

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Friday, 7 April 2017

Token Gesture

When I decided I was going to take the plunge into M2e, I was watching a lot of the Guerilla Miniature Games videos on gameplay, and hobby aspects. If you haven;t checked them out, you really should by the way. One of the reviews on the channel was for a token set for various conditions, and scheme markers etc. As luck would have it, we were planning a trip to the US at the time, and I emailed the store on etsy  to see if they would be happy to ship to our hotel in the US rather than me paying some silly money to get them delivered to the UK.

The token set is very comprehensive, and has everything you would need for your games. The only faction specific thing about the sets are the colour and the scheme marker logo, there aren't options for extra poision markers if you play ressers for example. The markers are high quality engraved perspex, they look great and are very durable to boot. The one and only complaint I have is that the paper which covers the perspex whilst its being cut is an absolute pain to get off the intricate engraving on some of the pieces. I used toothpicks, as they are soft enough to not scratch the plastic, but there are still some sticky marks on some of my counters that I'm not sure how to completely remove.

The activation markers are probably my favourite part of the set, and the Scheme markers just flat out look great, the logo is very well done. The status effects, like burning, focus etc come in sizes by miniature base, and can sit flush around the base should a model be affected by more than one condition, which I really like rather than multiple tokens next to multiple models bases.
I'd highly recommend picking this set up if you are stateside, or don't mind the international shipping, as it's a very comprehensive, themed set which you won't need to add to any time soon. High quality, great looking stuff :)

As always, this is my own opinion and I haven't earned anything by linking and reviewing.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Best laid plans

I had intended to get a post written last Wednesday to post on Thursday, as I knew we would be busy with friends staying over the weekend. One short notice pub invite for Wednesday evening and here we are...

This also means that I haven't had time to do any modelling stuff anyway really. I have all my guild models built now, and have attached a few to corks for painting (they might end up being painted attached to their base once its made, depends how fiddly they are), and I have most of my Neverborn models built and based, ready to be sprayed, aided by the simpler basing. I recently picked up the new Titania crew almost on a whim as it contained the alternate McMourning model, and my wife recently picked up the McMourning box :) as it happens, the limited McMourning model was missing a face, so depending on what Wyrd sent to replace, I may be able to salvage a usable copy of the model with the female multipart roleplaying kit which I want to pick up anyway to proxy a few models.

I wanted to try a different base idea for my Ortega models, and have attempted a wood plank/ranch/desert style base. I'll probably roll this out to Nightmare McCabe if I ever get my grubby little hands on it :)

This week's MO is basing, and getting all my bare grey plastic ready for what I hope to be a sunny Sunday and get everything sprayed, and make some progress :)

I know it's another text post, but the pics will start re-appearing again soon :)
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Monday, 3 April 2017

Up and coming - April

Let's take a look at what got crossed off the list from last month :)

Hoffman - Done!
Infinity - Still no word from the guy a the hobby shop, but I may be able to play someone at work! Watch this space...
Scenery - Pretty much done with Scatter terrain now, maybe need a couple of sets of MDF crates/barrels to complete two boards of terrain :)
Product Reviews - None written last month, but hopefully i'll get my self in gear and write a couple this month
Project Lists
Malifaux - Done & Done
Eldar Exodites - Done
Space Wolves - Done
Warhammer Fantasy (8th ed) Orcs & Goblins - Done
Hordes Skorne

So I'm not going to add any new items this month, but I do want to cross off the rest of the project list posts, and try and write product reviews for all those items still outstanding.
I would also love to actually get some progress made and photos taken, so maybe that's this month's main objective, to actually progress with what I have waiting to be worked on.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Catching up

Wouldn't it have been great If I'd sprayed up some more minis this weekend during the sun? Well, yes but also no. I decided to spend my time working through my backlog of un-assembled Malifaux kits, with the view that I will also get the bases made this week, models pinned to either bases or corks, ready to be sprayed next sunny weekend (next year probably :P). There's only a couple of lawyers left to assemble, after pushing through the Ortegas (including Abuela - worse that the Austringers!!) and some Neverborn which I can then spray up altogether (plus some of my wife's recent miniatures) one afternoon. This will give me a lot of choice of what to paint when I sit down to do so and maybe help with burnout etc.

I'm drawing a line in the sand now, and making an effort to complete any models which are either half done or just primed before I buy anything else.

I also made a few more pieces of scatter terrain, after reading some interesting threads on the forums, and now I think once I've finally got round to finishing my scenery kits (review incoming once I have), we have a solid two tables worth of terrain of the right mix, blocking, sever etc.

Also this week, I got my light studio in the post, and hope to be able to test it out in Sunday, as we have (non gaming) friends staying with us Friday night/Saturday.

That's all for now, will hopefully have some bases made to show soon
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Friday, 24 March 2017

Losing Ground

Had our friends over for a game this week, which would have been the ideal time to take more photos of our mats & scenery setup but of course I forgot...

We have been playing exclusively with the original 2nd edition Schemes & Strategies since we all learned the game. Last night we played what was to be my second exposure to the new strats & schemes. I played my first game with Hoffman with the new objectives so didn't pay a massive amount of attention as I was learning the master. I played Justice this time around though, and to be honest I was struggling to keep all the necessary information in my head whilst playing :) It was fun though, just a bit overfacing I think.
I've printed off some copies of the new objectives someone did on the forums, so that we can read up and get used to the new ones for next time.

I don't have any more painting progress to show this week, but the Nephilim are almost done so I will get a completed photo of them as soon as they are. I also finally ordered a lightbox as the final part of my photo improvement scheme, and I will try this out as soon as I have something worth photographing :)

I've managed to be quite restrained with purchases since I received my bonus through work, I picked up some black blood shamans (I'm splitting the box with a friend), and a widow weaver when we stopped off at a model shop on the way past Sheffield after a family(in-law) get together in Leicester. I also picked up Master Queeg and the Lelu and Lilitu box from Element Games because I needed to get some greenstuff, and it made sense to buy more things before paying postage :p

Lastly, I did a bit of organising in my Hobby drawers and have all the frames and bases out of boxes into drawer, ready to dip into and assemble whenever I fancy, rather than having them all sitting piled in boxes 'out of the way' meaning i'll never get around to it.

Still busy, but nothing to show for it this week :)
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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Dragon Knights - The Saga So Far

Whilst I was writing up the project Page for my Eldar Exodites, I thought I would take some quick snaps of what I have built and/or painted so far :)

Avatar of Khaine

Farseer (Who I think may be some of my best work)

Shuriken cannon 'Jetbikes'
Striking Scorpions
Exarchs (with dragon cloaks)
Dire Avengers (Sorry I only checked this photo once I had packed everything away again :/)

Fire Dragon Exarch (with cloak and banner)

Wraithlord (Magnetised weapons not shown)

Wraithguard (Proof of concept)

The good stuff...
WraithKnight (minus weapons/tubing/cabling)
Scenic base (a Farseer watching over a clutch of dragon eggs plus WK)

Waveserpent (Dark Elf Dragon with loads left to add)

Waveserpents (High Elf dragons, both have weapons magnetised but need extras adding)

Hopefully more to follow as I start to pick up the project when I get chance :)

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mother of Monsters - On Wings of Darkness

Managed to get some work put in on Friday as I had the day off. I've got my limited Barbaros model to the same stage as my other Neverborn models, wich is waiting for wing membranes and purple cloth highlights, which I guess wont take long. I think I mentioned previoulsy that I had tested the colours for wings on the Mature Nephilim and Nekima, but never took pictures so I have those today, along with Barbaros and his blue tinted steel sword.

I just got news that we are getting a bonus this year from work, so I will be picking up the rest of the bits and bobs I want for a decent home photography set up in the coming weeks, so I can stop taking such terrible photos of mediocre paint jobs :p

Something I've noticed myself doing recently is highlighting up through from only a basecoat, despite knowing full well that the first coat im painting is intended to be a darker shade layer. For example, I went back and painted more of Hoffmans shirt when I realised that it wasn't overalls, but a waistcoat with a shirt. I use a shadow grey kind of colour path for white, so I started out with shadow grey and then just highlighted up from that which leaves him with almost a blue shirt... What I had envisioned was a shadow grey base, 70/30 shadow grey/wolf grey basecoat and then highlight up to white.

I find myself doing this far too often, so It's something I need to bear in mind for future as it can be easily remedied and will have a real impact on the finished model :)

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Midweek Muddle

It's been a busy few days, and I haven't had much time to hobby after finishing Hoffman. I have managed to get a pair of games with him though and have enjoyed them thoroughly. The Peacekeeper is phenomenal with Machine Puppet and heals off scrap counters.
I'll admit to having a lot to learn though, and having fun wrecking face with robots has as subtle side that I'm sure I'll find soon enough :)

I've also completed the Malifaux parts of my plan to plan things. It seems as thought the time i have for blogging is being taken up by writing this up so apologies if the post count has slowed down a little this month.
Next, I hope to be able to sort through my Eldar boxes as I have a day off coming up this week, so i'll hopefully be able to do some painting as well :)

I'm afraid that's all for now but I'll keep on keeping on and have some more to share with you all soon :)

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Dragon Knights - New Blood

Whilst I was pondering how to keep track of what I'm working on, in order to have a choice of things to dip into in a short space of hobby time, I was also wanting to think of some kind of showcase model to paint. I think I was painting the Warden's cloak at the time, and enjoying it a fair bit. I've always felt like I can paint cloaks pretty well and definitely enjoyed that part of miniatures (I thought I had a picture of my DND miniature to link but I can't find one sorry).

So after much deliberating and banding ideas about with my friend, I landed on a solution to my 'problem'

These models are fantastic. It doesn't even matter that (IF we ever play) we wouldn't be using the right rules edition for me to field any of them in my Exodite force. I'm going to be building these with no real rush and trying to use an airbrush as much as possible to make these worthy of displaying in our new cabinets in the living room.

I've managed to sit down this morning and get some of the swirly stuff built from the Avatar model, which I'll be keeping as separate as possible from the main body in order to paint properly.
This will be a slow update project as with the rest of the Eldar/Space Wolves as it will likely not see table time so it doesn't make as much sense to prioritise unless I'm in the swing of it. I suppose I need to get my Eldar project list done soonish :)

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

On the Payroll - Watch me W(H)IP

Clever title is clever (not yet, you'll see...)

After adding the finishing touches to Hoffman, I wanted to arrange the models in my new case and ended up having all the larger than 30mm bases on the lid of the box. This reminded me of the two horsemen I have yet to complete. Both of whom have been sitting at around 80% complete for months (since my birthday sort of time last year im ashamed to say). I also spotted that the swords on my Witchling Handlers desperately needed redoing/fixing, but that's not really photo worthy...

I've also started working through the project lists page I created to track everything and so far I've got my Space Wolves all written up. Next I think will be Malifaux.

Anyhow, I made some great progress on the Pale Rider, I just got some paints out and seemed to make a whole heap of progress quite quickly so i just went with it and I quite like the results so far :)

The steed is almost complete, and I want to leave the rider relatively plain so as to keep focus on the undead horse. I'm unsure as to whether or not the undead flesh needs fresh blood or whether it looks ok as it is. Enjoying painting this though:)

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

On the Payroll - ROBATS

It's funny you see, as the watcher is a bat type thing and also a robot ^_^ It's also fun to say out loud, try it. Thank me later

I did spend a fair bit of time the other day setting up 'Pages' on the blog, ready for when I audit all my outstanding odds and sods. I realise now that this is totally invisible, pages don't pop up like posts do, so you lot wouldn't even know I'd written a post other than this one this week. Oh well :) I hope to start fleshing out various projects and hyperlinking them on that main Project page as and when I get chance to rummage through everything.

I'm finally at a stage where I am calling Hoffman and his construct friends done. I bit the bullet and painted in all the rivets on the Peacekeeper, Wardens and the few on the Hunters, as well as painting the few 'human' elements on Hoffman & Ryle. I added slime to their bases using the paint I wanted to try out. I have mixed feelings for it, but I think it looks OK, I might add a weak brown wash with some gloss over the whole of the 'sludge' part of the base through yet. I'm happy overall :)

There are a couple of tiny finishing touches to do to these, like the wash on the base I mentioned, some stitching on the watcher's wings and probably a dab of wash on each rivet, but it's less than a half hour of work total :)

Excuse what is hopefully the last in a long line of crappy photos, I did order some parts to hold my phone ion a tripod, and need to fond some lamps.
I also only just discovered the crop function,m but of course only realised that I was saving over the top of the originals by the time I realised I could dictate the size of the crop and have all the images the same...
Learning curve ;)

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