Sunday, 17 January 2010


Ok so I've been thinking about Hordes this weekend. I want a faction to play, even if it's only 15pts (it will be more, I don't have the willpower :P). 

 I was pondering between Circle and Skorne, after putting Trolls off as a bad idea - "Lots of big metal models will be expensive to collect wah wah wah" but then I was thinking, "Massive trolls beating on stuff... no brainer". Plus, it was the Trolls that tempted me to the Privateer Press website all those months ago and got me hooked on the Retribution models, I was actually looking at which Troll models I could use in my "Nordic" Warhammer fantasy army (barbarians, snow and ice, and bears ;p)

So I guess I'm asking for help. I know absolutely nothing about Hordes, and I know that it is being tested at the moment so it's all changing, but I wondered if you guys had any opinions on the three factions I was thinking about. Tyrant Xerxis is what tempted me to Skorne, and Werewolves is what tempted me to Circle, but tbh I'm leaning alot more to the primal sort of look/feel of the Trolls. There is all this, coupled with the fact that I;
a) want to get pretty much every model I have seen thus far for the Ret, plus a few mercs/solos, and
b) Searforge called the other day and politely asked me to buy a butt-load of their dudes to paint O_0
Also - c)
I'm vagely tempted to pick up some of the new Warhammer fantasy releases, so the sooner I have a Hordes/new faction to satiate the urge, the less likely it is that I will go back to the dark side ;)
Halp ^_^


  1. My only immediate comment is that Skorne will really challenge your painting skills with all that filigree and armour trim.

    If you're into nordic feel and ice, have you thought about a Legion army? Warmongers and a good portion of the Nyss have a definitive ice culture look about them

  2. I was thinking that about skirne to be honest, I'm not sure I can keep that up for every single model in the army. I hadn't considered legion at all to be honest mate bit I'll check out those models.
    Thanks :£

  3. Trolls are pretty solid but I am having issues grasping the "new improved" trolls.

    But they are pretty simple to paint (cept for the Chronicler, that guy is FANCY)

  4. Some of the beasts look a joy to paint, but I can guess some of the solos will be pretty tricky :)
    Thought it might be best to wait until after the fieldtest, have the Trolls changed alot?