Monday, 15 January 2018

Sunday Showdown

We christened our gaming room this Sunday when our friends came over to play Malifaux :)

I faced off against Kirai while my friend and my wife played Mcmourning into Marcus respectively. The strategy was Extraction and I took Dig Their Graves and Quick Murder.
My list was:
-Aether connection
-An audience with the queen
-Behold my Glory
-Malifaux Provides
-Fears Given Form
Primordial magic
Mysterious effigy

Barbaros and Nekima were definitely MVP in this one, challenge Aura sitting in the middle of the board can ruin a lot of plans. I didn't manage to combo it with Titania's Behold upgrade, but having it next to Fears Given Form was a good stack. Nekima did cause more points of damage to friendly models than I care to admit if I'm honest :p especially Titania herself.
I scored full for quick murdering Izamu, full for dig and dropped a point in turn 5 when I moved Titania to stop scoring from Claim Jump. The final score was 9-7, I struggled vs accusation as I don't really know how to prevent it happening to be honest. I still feel i'm under utilising Titania herself, but feel like I'm getting the hang of it, and feel like this crew was very well suited to the strategy and was succesful to boot.

Lots of fun and a great way to start with the new gaming space :)
My (Mcmourning) friend was also very interested in my Infinity models in a strange turn of events and was asking about game play and mentioned Nomads, so who knows what will happen there. I'm going to plan out some scenery/gamemat purchases so that my work friends can come over to play eventually, as well as it being usable for both Necromunda and 40k at a push :) I also want a few more pieces of Malifaux scenery as well to fill out both boards.

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Living Infinite - Rule of Cool

Running with the momentum from the intro games last week, I sat down and started on the next couple of additions to my force. The Oznat did well, with smoke being useful, and the Vulkan shotgun being impressive. The 'Hungries' are models that filled me with dread when I unwrapped them from eBay as they are very spindly and wouldn't be able to be realistically pinned to the bases due to the small contact points. However, they were well assembled so I left them how they were and re-attached the two missing heads.
I took inspiration from Ash Barker's basing method for Infinity models from his blog as this would fit pretty well around the awkward attachment points

I added plasticard in layers, and later clipped/cut/sanded it as flush as possible to the bases, I also later added the white texture paste from Vallejo that I've been using a lot recently, although that isn't pictured. This also helped mask sloppy joins in between off cuts of card.

Also featured here is my Evil space wizard Umbra Legate, who I'm looking forward to painting, even though he doesn't really fit into a force currently. He can however form a Harris link with Xeodrons...
I seem to have got the hang of the press mold for the Hex bases, and the other half of the base will be made up in plasticard and texture paste like the others.

There's another guy at work who is interested in Infinity, and he came to watch our game last week. I think he is more interested in painting really more than anything but he is going to borrow some Nomads to play me in another learner game hopefully soon. More games for me, more Infinity friends altogether ^_^

I've been reading the Infinity wiki in lunchtimes/during my commute in the hope of getting the hang of things like suppression & fireteams. It's hard going but I think it's something that I need to see in action before it will really click. There's no rush though and no need to run before i'm done (re)learning to walk.

That said though, there is a tournament this weekend which my friend is going to, and another one in April for the Infinity Northern Alliance based here in Leeds. I'm tempted to sign up for the April one as a target to paint/learn for but I wondered about maybe the one after that as a more realistic target.
The Infinity tournament scene seems to be a lot more welcoming than any other I've participated in and is definitely something I want to participate in, even as just a way of getting some games in and meeting opponents :)

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Living Infinite - Morat Supremacy

We had our first lunchtime games today as a (re)introduction to the game. It was a load of fun, but I forgot to get any photos :(

The first game was just 3 grunts v 3 grunts on the Mototronica scenery from Icestorm. I took the first turn and managed to knock out two Fusiliers, leaving me an easy win on my second turn.
The system & rules started coming back to me quickly, so the second game we did 6v6 using my Morat starter versus 6 PanO guys, which I think is the vanilla starter set for them.

The second game we added an objective which was to control the building in the centre with the most points by the end of the third turn. I chose to take the second turn, and had some helpful tips for altering my deployment so as to use cover and not lose too many models.
I managed to stand my ground, and then in my turn use my Oznat to good effect, as well as my Sogarat soaking some sniper shots with his high Armour and 2 wounds. I got into the habit of making shots with AROs instead of dodging with the Morats high Phys stat which wouldn't be modified... I got a bit carried away/trigger happy but learned a valuable lesson :)

PanO turn two saw a couple of vanguard go down, and the drop troop came down on the side that my Oznat had made a brave advance down and unfortunately subsequently be sniped off with MSV.
the drop troop didn't last long after taking a heavy flamethrower to the face. I have to admit i made some remarkable dice rolls in this game, frequently declaring 'Super Morats!'

I decided to go hell for leather with my Sogarat on my second turn and diced down the lieutenant and a fusilier, leaving me able to claim the objective with my Raktorak and Sogarat. The Sogarat went down to the irregular sniper but was saved by his auto med kit in the last turn as I finished his forces off :)

I had a massive amount of fun, even though I stumbled over the plus/minus to rolls quite a bit, but we are definitely going to play some more intro missions with different troop types, and arrange a 300pt game for after work at some point.
I'm very motivated to get some painting done on these guys now and get some more troops ready for the table.
I also bought some order tokens, and will try and work out what other types of tokens are necessary for the models I have/like/will use and order those too :)

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Once More Around The Sun

I've never really been big on New Years. I know some people like resolutions and that kind of thing, but I just see it as a day like any other.

We have done the same thing for the past few years though which is to Play Malifaux at our friends house, and have a few drinks afterwards.
I played Titania again, and really stumped myself on scheme selection. 'Leave Your Mark' would have been far easier than 'Dig Their Graves' for example. Especially having The Primordial Magic to score late game. Anyway, another lessons learned game which is fine by me as I still really enjoy the master, and the knights from her box. I want to try and get my head around Titania herself as it's her I seem to use to least effect. I know there's a Schemes & Stones episode for her so I will check that out as soon as I'm able.

Following on from previous posts, I will still be listing Up & Coming items for the coming month, but they aren't targets to be hit or missed, rather what I want to be working on. As such they are subject to whim & whimsy, and are likely to change :)

So below is January's activity

-Update Project lists

-Add weathering to Hoffman's Constructs

-Get Nightmare Mccabe Table ready (should just be a case of getting wheels painted before I can pin them to bases and use them whilst the painting continues)

-Finish Titania's crew

Here's to a productive hobby and making happy memories this year

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Year in Review 2017

It's been a good year.

A triumphant return to the hobby, gaming, painting and blogging all making good progress.

There have been highs and lows though of course. Lots of excitement for the new 40k, only to have best laid plans go to waste. Partly due to best man/wedding planning and other commitments, but also just because of a general lack of time. Malifaux is a lot quicker to setup and play for starters, and rather than taking up an entire table for 40k, we can play two games of Malifaux on the same size table so no one gets left out.

Really quite pleased with some of the progress made with modelling though, just need painting and assembling of new boxes of modelling to catch up.

Planning activity for the month ahead was a double edged blade. On one hand it was a good way to see what needs doing rather than just flitting from WIP to WIP, but on the other hand it felt like a bit of a rigid way of doing things, with no variation. I don't quite know what this will look like in future iterations, but I want to combine some element of  'I want to work on this' with 'This needs finishing for X reason' to avoid burnout, while still making progress.

The end of the year had markedly less progress made than most of the rest, for a number of reasons. The aforementioned wedding/best man stuff, holidays & kitten, as well as some recent personal issues. Hopefully this week's painting progress is a good sign of things to come though :)

All in all, it's been a good year for hobbying. I might make a post about hopes for the next year but that just seems like it'll be a list of things that might not then get done, so a monthly target setting system seems a better idea.

All the best to you all for the new year and for the last time:

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Femme Fatales

My wife and I christened our new Gaming table setup over the holidays as well, and I had finished putting together/magnetising/undercoating my Titania crew on Xmas day so I decided to use them in our game.

Titania was a lot of fun, and very different to any of the other masters I play for any faction. I can't help but feel that I would have fared a lot better if I had read the cards for new models & upgrades before playing though...

In general, I seem to not have strats/schemes in mind when I'm picking a crew, rather just picking what I want to use, so there is often a bit of square peg round hole feel to my play. I also struggle to think what my opponent might be trying to achieve whilst also trying to achieve my own poorly understood objectives. We are hoping to play a lot more games though. It was certainly a lot less fuss setting up/packing away having everything all in one place and the table already sorted and ready to go.

I look forward to more games with Titania, and might pick up a couple of the newer models to use with her once I work out what will suit her well.

Xmas day evening was also the first day in a long time that I have felt like painting. I decided to make a start on Titania after enjoying the game with her, and wanted to include at least one of the Infinity models I need to get ready for the first game, so I picked the only one who probably doesn't need a second coat of blue armour which is the Oznat.

I've been heavily inspired by a thread on the Infinity Forums, as well as a blog on the Combined Army, and I wanted to try and include the dark purple from the Umbra Samaritan, and some of the colour choices/recipes from the Morat blog.
I'm not the biggest fan of the outcome of my own painting but I think that's relatively common amongst gamers. I think I have a tendency to overcomplicate things and could probably get some decent results by following the example of the 'Games Workshop method' of basecoat wash highlight, instead of trying to emulate people like Dr Faust who I never get as good results as despite trying different things to get thin layers.. This all depends on neatness though and it isn't something I'm good at. Painting more can only help this so hopefully this year will see some improvements :)

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Fresh Air

I promised that I would get some airbrushing done over the break. I tried talking myself out of it for various reasons like the time taken to set it up, finding all the bits and bobs, etc. In the end I managed to see through my own weak excuses and got everything plugged in, sorted and ready to go.
Although it's still a temporary setup, and goes away again after use, the booth & compressor setup easily and without a great deal of fuss to be honest.

The newer of the two airbrushes works just fine with whatever needle/nozzle combo it ended up with, and in general is a more pleasant tool to use than the first cheap brush I bought.
I wanted to at least make a start on the Morats, and after touching up the coat of black primer with VMA Black, I went ahead and primed a mix of VMA black Primer and VMA Grey primer from 45 degrees to help with shading. I mixed this originally for the Titania crew models I wanted to include in this session. I then basecoated the blue I had picked out for some of the armour panels on the Morats and used the rest on the Gorar from the Titania box before the heat cutout on the Compressor stopped the whole thing short.

A couple of learning points from the whole thing. First being that if I have a list of models which I want to get done, with relevant colours, I can be more efficient. The amount of primer I had mixed was more than enough for what I wanted to get painted so I was looking for more models to undercoat in order to not waste it.

The second is that I want to get 'proper' airbrush versions of colours which I will use often through the airbrush. the dilution of blue I used for the Morats seemed fine on them (although it maybe wants a second coat) but when I used it on the Plastic Gorar, it seemed to run off a bit? this is possible due to using flow improver rather than airbrush thinner/water but isn't ideal nonetheless.

All in all, a successful attempt, and promising for future uses. I don't think the airbrush I have is really suitable for anything other than basecoats really, or my use of it isn't at any rate. I want to speak to my Infinity buddy at work when he is back off leave to see what his airbrush is like :)

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