Monday, 30 April 2018

Grammar Check

Hi again all

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Still quite sombre I'm afraid. I felt a lot of pressure to provide updates to this blog, whilst also feeling a lot of the time like I was talking to myself. On top of some recent things that have happened, this wasn't really helping.

Going forward there wont be any structure to posts, I'll just add something when I feel it's worth writing about.

I'm attending two events in May:
Infinity - Northern open 13 in Leeds May 19th.
Dark Age Nationals at Element Games May 12th.

I'm going to be focused on getting both painted and ready for the events and will share progress here when I have it/feel like I can share. I've set up a Trello board to try and use my time better and plan out the painting required etc.

Dark Age is a game I've admired the miniatures for for a very long time, but my gaming buddy of nearly 3 decades has 'only got room in his life for one skirmish game'. It's also not something my wife is really interested in, and none of the guys at work really need a second game whilst they are getting into Infinity.

Anyway, I decided to do something other than regret never playing this game, even if it is only a few games a year or something. I reached out to the community on Facebook, and there is a decent player base in the UK but the play space is being refurbed at the moment. The UK rep for the game got in touch and told me about the Nationals event in May, and that new players would be welcome, and I wouldn't be the only one with few to no games played before then. It took me a long while to get off the fence and sign up after deliberating transport and model costs. The Event organiser said I would be able to borrow models for the event but I decided to spend some of my recent pay rise backdate pay and grab everything I would need to play, which is hopefully coming before the event from Element games! There are some issues with EU supply of the models i'm told.

I chose the Kukulkani (K3) as my faction after spending a lot of time considering the Prevailers/Forsaken. The models are really nice, and distinct, and some of you may know how much i hate playing human races in fantasy/sci-fi/roleplay. I'm already a human, where is the fun?!
The list I have is below.

Kukulkani Faction Starter
- War Captain
- Honor Guard
- Warrior*3
- Harvester *3
- Ah'Chu'Kuk
Devoted Priest

I fully intend to expand this force eventually so that I'm not reliant on one powerful model, but playing a few games at the event will help me decide what I would like/need next.

I'm hoping to put my airbrush to good use here but after recent experiences i'm a bit skeptical. I will probably end up buying airbrush dedicated paints at least to rule out my own thinning methods as a problem causer.

The Cabrakan is a large 80mm base model centerpiece, and also handily 200 points which allows me to get to the 750 point requirement a bit more easily with the 500point starter and ironically more cost effective than buying unit boxes of lower point value.

The infinity event came about after some coercing from my friend at work, and I decided 'why the hell not', as it will be a day of games even if I place poorly, I enjoy the game and seeing other peoples models, and it will be a great learning curve.

Below is the list of models I will be using and want to be fully done by the event. There may be some extras done alongside these, but at a lesser priority.

Lastly I have assembled my Orlock gang and have started teaching my friends the rules in preparation for our campaign. I'm also looking forward to the new Forgeworld extras for gangs and will be expanding my crew in the future.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

I'm going to be taking a break from blogging for various personal reasons.

Maybe short term, maybe long term, maybe forever.

I just want to say thanks to anyone that has read the blog, benefited from a write up, or just stopped by to look at a picture.

Keep on hobbying.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Gone Fishin'

I stumbled across a great blog recently with a Facebook page chock full of beautifully painted Infinity miniatures, and one post in particular featuring a bag for taking models to an Infinity Tournament.

I have been taking just the models I need to work in a small biscuit tin crammed into my regular work bag. Something like this would be great, and works better for taking a larger force, or everyone at once if need be.

I couldn't quite find the same kind of bag, and I checked my local Lidl supermarket to no avail. Whilst looking though, I ended up on a site which I used exclusively for foam back in the day. KRMulticase are fantastic, good quality and low price alternative to Battllefoam/GW cases and a really nice guy to boot. They have a bag with Dropzone Commander logos on for half price which fit what I wanted after seeing the blog post above. It was out of stock and not planned to be restocked, so I ended up with a generic version of the same bag. I did some measurements and the old cupcake carrier combo will fit in this with room to spare. I was worried that TAGs would be too tall for the box and I'd have to work out a solution, but the Raicho fits in fine and I believe he is one of the taller Combined army TAG s as the rest look rather hunched

The bag allows me to carry my minis, and lunchbox etc for gaming at work, and should be a lot more secure than the biscuit tin in a backpack setup that's on currently. It also has plenty of room for tokens and books and all that fun stuff :)

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Wednesday Warzone

This is it, what we've (I've) all been waiting for.
300 points of Infinity. A full game.

We are playing at the house of the chap that is teaching everyone at the moment after work tomorrow, and my friend who recently picked up nomads is joining us as spectator to hopefully learn something :)

We decided on Frontline as a mission, as it's relatively straightforward and kill based, but also has the simple extra of controlling zones further up the board. I ended up with the below list after some feedback and further tweaking:

The second group will be relatively autonomous due to all the orders they are generating between impetuous and irregular, and the other combat group will have a Morat link for order efficiency, allowing the TAG to rambo a bit more.

It was a whole lot of fun. I did a lot of second guessing myself during deployment etc. I ended up deploying my Hungries link in a good position only to have an MSV Nisse sniper staring down at them, I should have picked deployment order better. Needless to say, as smoke couldn't save them they got picked off before being in anyway effective.

Raicho and Dr Worm were MVP by a long way, the former for being an all round tank/damage dealer and the latter for stitching his arms back on! I didn't use the Kurgat at all, which is annoying as he is an expensive order generator, and the link team didn't achieve much due to my lack of ability to utilise cover effectively.

All in all it was a very fun first game, and not as one sided as I anticipated that it might be!
Here's to many more

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Air of Authority

Had some more mixed airbrush results recently. I was working from home on Friday so I had some time after logging off and chose to get as much of my Combined Army as possible undercoated with the blue colour I've chosen to start from.

No matter how thick I had the paint mix, it seemed to not be sticking, and pooling on the miniatures... This of course was after I filled the reservoir with a whole heap of blue, only to realise that it was the wrong blue... I persevered, thinking maybe another coat would do the trick once the first was dry but it didn't seem to help at all.

Later that night I tried to salvage some of the models with a mix of the blue base coat and Lahmian medium to attempt to make the finish a bit more matte.
In the cold light of morning the next day, the salvaged models looked fine. Great news. So did all the others though, so they never needed salvaging in the first place.
There are a number of things I think that went wrong here -
Poor light while airbrushing
Wrong temperature - I had the window open to vent the airbrush booth, maybe too cold
No glasses - They don't fit on my face with the respirator mask

I was completely downtrodden when I packed everything up on Friday night, but seeing the basecoat dried on those models I managed to undercoat makes me feel like I will do this again at some point to get everything undercoated, and some blending on larger models too perhaps, and OSL

We played our weekly Malifaux game on Sunday, and I think Titania finally clicked for me. Supporting Barbaros and Nekima is easy! They both had Fears Given Form which i felt a little bad a bout. At one point poor Cojo had to test for Titania's friendly scheme marker rule, and two lots of fears. He didn't make it...
We played Mark of authority, which was a lot of fun as well. Good game all around, including a couple of new scenery pieces :)

I'm currently planning out 300 points of Morats for a game after work on Wednesday so watch this space!

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thursday Throwdown

Infinity Thursdays is turning into a regular thing at work, which is great. Today we are using smaller lists ~100 points in order to get more turns completed and to fit into the hour better. Also, one of our spectators from last week's game has just invested in a decent amount of Aleph and is getting his intro game today as well :D

Yes, I lost (yes again shutup), but it's always fun. I should have taken an extra body instead of a HMG, or maybe a raktorak. Hey ho

There is talk of sorting out a proper escalation league at work during lunches/after hours as well which will be great once all interested parties are ready to start playing.

I want to get a blue basecoat done this weekend by hook or by crook as I keep ending up with other things to do when  plan that in. Once the blue is done, the rest of the paint scheme is simple enough so this will help a lot with getting things table ready :)

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