Thursday, 27 September 2012

Weekly WIP

Plenty done this week. I seem to be on a good roll at the moment with getting things done which is great.

I've got both bases for my Wrastlers made and Barnabus, and I'm pleased with how they're looking.  The Green stuff will be painted to look like a snake (hopefully).

I've also made a fair bit of progress on Maelok this week, but to be honest, I'm struggling a little. I've got the bone sections pretty much done, and I've started painting the exposed muscle parts.  My original idea was to make those sections look fresh, and add a gore effect to them, but I'm not sure if this will be a little too over the top considering the amount of gore this would require.

Any ideas/suggestions?

I've made his skin purposefully darker than the posse etc, and matte to boot.  I'm going for less of a putrid/rotting flesh kind of effect than a cured hide kind of effect. Hopefully this comes across.

I received my newest beasts as well this week in the post so I'll be working on them when I get time at the weekend, and maybe have them under coated along with the bases I made this week.

I've also looked into sourcing some alternatives of the same models. As with my Wrastler, I dislike duplicated models, and my confidence for a major conversion is pretty low. Keep an eye peeled for future posts with alts of the Boneswarm, Snapper and Witch Doctor.

Possibly the biggest news this week though is that I've been asked to make some trench templates for a eHaley tier list for a friend. It'll be a long term project and I'll be blogging when I have significant updates etc. At the moment I'm in the design stage, and hope to be able to send some kind of concept out by the end of the weekend, which I'll then share with you guys :)

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gators gonna Gate

I've put a lot of time in today and I've got both Posses to a stage that I am happy to call them finished.  After a great suggestion on my last post, I decided to give the second Posse war paint, to further distinguish them from the first group (on top of skin tone, and custom weapons).  I will be trying to add the war paint colour onto Maelok in order to try and emphasise that they are part of the same village/tribe maybe.

The only work left to do is tidy up the green stuff used to secure the arms & weapons (painted separately) with a sharp knife and a splash of paint once it's all dry.

Enough waffling, here's the pics

As you may be able to see, I have found an
awesome desk lamp. It even came with a daylight bulb, I've been trying to find
a decent lamp for a while and I stumbled across this in my local supermarket,
as strange as it sounds!

I feel really pleased with how everything has turned out, and am looking forward to getting them on the table with the rest for BCB!

Speaking of which, I ordered yesterday (payday) a Witch Doctor, Bone Swarm and a Swamp Horror, as I felt that any list I made for Maelok was just a Barny list with a different caster :(

Should be fun to get those put together, and primed next week(end), I have a few ideas of how to use my airbrush for the Horror, so stay tuned to see the results!

Only other news this week is that I finally finished cleaning up my assembled tourney tray, so I've more base size options than I will ever use, and everything fits in nicely, without any sticking anywhere, all in all a fantastic investment in my opinion.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Weekly WIP

Powering through my Gatormen Posses this week.  I've attached the original Posse I had to the first set of swamp/plank bases I made, and I think it looks really good.

I'm down to the details on the Gators now, necklaces/teeth etc so hopefully I'll be able to put up some decent shots of the completed models by the weekend.

I'm pretty pleased with how the two different Posses are looking different but still unified through the colour palette  I'm not sure if this picture shows it in comparison with the above two, but it will be clearer on the finished pictures :)

I'll also be starting on give away bases soon, had one request with details back in, the documenting of which will include a write up of some of my water effects process.  I've been testing the addition of citadel washes to water effects this week, and it's looking good. All will be revealed :)

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Down by the Bayou

I've just used the magic of Excel to draw the winner for the base competition I was running before I realised I have enough spare bases for everyone who entered, so I'll be contacting people shortly to arrange type/size/style etc. for their prize :)

In other news;
- No I haven't re-tagged historic posts, I've not had time :(

- DnD went really well the other day, and I'll be trying to book the guys in for the next instalment ASAP, strike while the iron is hot, y'know?

- I have a desk full of Gators. I managed to get Posse number two up to the stage that my original posse is at, and made a start on the second set of bases too.  I'm hoping to be able to get the details and final touches done during the week, but there will be some definite progress to show in the weekly WIP next week :) there are very few models to re-base (Calaban, two Wrastlers and a Snapper) and I've added sand to the bases of all my small based models (Croak Hunter, Bog Trogs and the Bone Grinders) so they'll be ready for undercoating once the glue & sand is dry. Lots to do, for the BCB event in October, but I think I've left plenty of time to get through it all.
Now, if only I could decide on what lists to take!

That's pretty much it for now, hopefully have some WIP shots by mid-week :)

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Last Chance Giveaway

After the less than expected response rate I had for this, I've decided to extend it until Sunday.  Please post on this comment or HERE to be in with a chance to win


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Weekly WIP

This week, I've been mostly working on bases to get at least one Gatorman Posse up and based.  Both Posse's are close to done painting wise, so I'm hoping that having the bases ready for them will be an added bit of motivation.  I've a fair amount of work to do to be ready for the Breast Cancer Brawl event in October.

 I've also Been working on the bases for my Destors, both sets are pretty much finished and awaiting models & water effects to be added.

Other than that, I'm waiting for the winner of the giveaway (the only entrant) to respond about the base they will win, then I can start on that.

I'm also in the process of re-organising the tags on the blog in order to make it more accessible, and have some kind of structure to the posts. It's turning out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated though, so I'll have to do it one weekend when I'm more free.

I didn't get chance to do any airbrushing this weekend just gone, as we were invited to a friend's daughter's baptism (I'm not religious, neither is my wife or the parents of the baptised child, so that was strange), and it's likely to be a similar story this weekend unfortunately as we have house viewings booked, as well as a lengthy D&D session. Hopefully I'll be able to keep on with the painting though and have more to show next week.

The only other thing I've got going at the moment is something that I'll be keeping secret until completion, so I won't go into any detail, but I may include some sneak peaks in coming weeks.

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Sunday, 9 September 2012


I was looking through my Blindwater figures the other day in order to decide which guys need to be re-based, and I spotted the stack of skulls that Barnabus is standing on. So I think to myself  'that looks cool, would be thematic as basing for the army, and make a lot of sense in a swamp environment' (Boneswarm, I'm looking at you).

A brief search of the internet brings back these. They don't look like much in the photo, but doing a bit more research on the company yields some good feedback, so I decide to give them a try. To be honest, 14 pence per skull beats anywhere else I could find, and makes far more sense than buying from 'bits stores' on line  I'm rambling a bit, sorry.

Long story short, they arrived, and I've added a couple to the bases I'm making for Thrullg, Maelok and my Ironjaw.

I think they look pretty good. A minimum of cleaning required, very minimal flash from the mould, and a lot of variety in the pack.  there are a few larger skulls, a lot of regular skulls, and a few which are just the eye sockets and above, and a few missing the jaw.

I'm looking forward to painting these up and seeing how they look on the bases.  It's a simple addition but I think it'll add some real character to the models based on them.
If you're looking for similar to add to models, I can certainly recommend these, cheap good looking and simple to use effectively :)

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Weekly WIP

I'd like to get into the habit of documenting my painting process a little more thoroughly. I currently tend to only document finished (or nearly finished) models photographically. As such, I'll be writing a weekly post to this effect, hopefully with pictures, if not definitely just a track of what I'm currently working on and the progress.

I did have a weekly WIP post going at one point, but for many and various reasons I almost stopped blogging entirely at the latter half of last year, so hopefully this can be maintained a bit more succesfully this time round

With that said, I made some real progress with a couple of outstanding miniatures last night.  Me being me though, I forgot to snap any pictures...

Maelok - I airbrushed the base colour for his skin at the weekend, and have since washed that with a darker colour.  I was originally planning to have his skin looking quite dead and pallid, but I like the look it has at the moment despite it being quite dark.  Will have to see how this pans out, as I'm really unsure of where to go with this at the moment.  I've painted the candles on his back to completion though however, and like how they are looking. I went from an orange brown base coat up to yellow, and I think I will add further highlights in white when I next sit down to paint.  Next step I think will be to paint the exposed bone & flesh areas.

Iron Back Spitter - This model has been half done for a silly amount of time.  I buckled down over the weekend and in last night's session and finished him off entirely, and made him a new base or at least the start of a base, it still needs cork etc. Very pleased with how he looks, so it's good to get to completion.

Next up on the docket is a base each for Thrullg and Maelok, and painting all three bases ready for the miniatures.  I'm hoping to be able to push through at least one Gatorman posse from WIP to completion by the weekend too, but I'm not convinced I can manage, with all the re-basing required.

That's it for this week, but just though I'd mention the giveaway I had planned. So far I've had only one response... I'm really not sure how to take this. I thought that people would be interested in a) free stuff, and b) saving themselves some basing work.  Is this hinting that I shouldn't try and get into comission painting? Is it apathy?  Really not sure how to take it, but one lucky reader will be "winning" a base this weekend

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blog Week 2012 Finalé & Giveaway

That's right, it's finally over. I had a lot to say, and I've said it all. Thanks for stopping by to listen!

So to the important part: The Giveaway.  I really hope this works the way I had planned it to...

Everyone who comments on this post will be entered into a random name generator machine (Excel!) and picked out at random. The winner will receive a 40mm or 50mm base made and painted to specification by me and posted at my expense.  I love making bases, and I'm happy to consider any requirements/specifications by the winner. I was at one point considering trying to setup a commission based basing site, but a friend pointed out that people quite like to base things themselves. Either way, this will be a good way to get my work to a wider audience.

The only requirement on the part of the winner is that they write a blog post or a forum entry on the PP forums showing the base and linking back here to this blog. Win, win right?

Thanks for sticking with it this week,
Comment away!

Tentacle WIP (Blog Week Post6)

Finally did some painting today, after faffing around with the airbrush, and all the new bits and bob I've bought. It feels like I've not done any brush painting at all for a while.
I was working on the miniature that my wife has chosen for the campaign I'm running at the minute, and said I would prime & base coat the mini for her to paint.  I'm still having trouble with the Vallejo primer, I think maybe I'm thinning it too much? Research required for sure. Anyhow, the colour she had chosen for the skin tone was a VGC rather than VMA colour. I dropped some thinner in first, then the colour about 1:1 and mixed in the airbrush pot (which is a bad habit, the new paints aren't half as prone to clog due to crust etc. than my old ones, so I'm taking my chances and not straining them before they get into the airbrush.). I was running a low PSI which I've found gives me a lot of control, and I tend to try and get in close to the model with the airbrush anyway so it suits that side too.  Lomng story short, yet again great covrfage and really nice tone to the colour. I'm still very impressed with Vallejo products :)

I'm going to make a seperate point here and re-iterate that you should wear some kind of dustmask/filter when airbrushing with additives like the Vallejo thinner/ airbrush clearner. In my wisdom, I elected not to bother yesterday and ended up with a splitting headache for my troubles. Take heed  :)

The other project I worked on yesterday was my token pink miniature for the upcoming Breast Cancer Brawl event.

I primed with Vallejo Grey primer, and basecoated with VGC Bloody Red, working up through Squid pink to Squid Pink & White highlight.  The spine area is Khemri Brown>Dheneb Stone.
Still a few bits to finish off, but I'm really pleased with how it looks :)

All he needs now is his base remaking!

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