Monday, 11 January 2010


Part of my order arrived from Maelstrom today! *Glee*

But as I sit here, cleaning/gluing, generally being quite excited about my newest additions, it struck me. Even as I write this, I feel a little weird. I'm under no misconceptions that this is a popular blog, heavily read/followed, or even that when it is read/followed/glanced upon it is a "good blog"

My painting isn't spectacular, my camera work is as poor as the lighting conditions here at the minute, and I don't have any celebrity interviews, or even replies to any of the emails I have sent to Privateer Press, but you know what? I couldn't care less :) I write this blog as much for me as much as I write it for anyone else. I don't have the luxury of an LGS or a gaming group to be a part of, none of my friends play war games any more  but that is their loss. I enjoy painting, modelling  reading and learning the rules, even trying them out on Vassal, and I enjoy writing this blog, marshalling my thoughts/experiences, and setting them in black and white. If anyone were to read them and share them with me then thats great, and I hope that someday soon my local PG can get a local games night going so that I can play WM for real, and talk minis and paints and such with my fellow gamers. Until then, I'm gonna keep blogging, and keep enjoying the hobby, and keep on painting :)



  1. Hey Lofty,

    as you seem to be in some need of some back-up may I present me :). I'm also starting a Retribution army probably going towards a Tiered Kealyssa list for the time being. Just got my first 2 models and been prepping theme for assembly and primer.

    YOur painting might not be Golden daemon worthy but he who's is. I personally think you got a pretty interesting looking colour scheme going. and your basing is simply stunning the subtle colour differance to show the front arc is really nice would love to know how you pull that off and your snow looks pretty damm awesome what's your recipe?

    Cheers CJ

  2. Your painting is better then mine sir :P

    You should see the Mauler I got. I cannot figure out how to do highlights on skin so I think I am just gonna leave the base coat and just wash it and call it done.


  3. For the record, *I* enjoy reading your blog...

  4. Rock on man, lurkers are everywhere (and kudos to the Iron Agena folks for the aggregated feed which makes it so easy to follow so many WM bloggers).

  5. Welp, consider me stunned. I thought I had email notifications turned on for comments, but i guess not. Thanks for the support chaps!

    I hope to have some pictures tomorrow of the whole group. Fingers Crossed for Sunshine!!
    CJ - It's a combo of GW paints/washes/drybrushing, and the snow is GW snow flock/pva/water, mix and apply. I also add white paint to the top to brighten it up a little