Thursday, 29 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Aspects of War

Free time seems increasingly difficult to come by recently which is harrowing after crappy days at work. Hobby time is zen. Anyhow, over the last week or so, progress has been made;

Howling Banshee

The original fluff/concept outlined outlined for this project all those years ago (4 years!) a few plans for different adapted aspects. Howling banshees brazenly taken from this genius imitation and flattery at work. Perhaps the fluff & concept background will get a prose overhaul soon, rather than the musings from last post.

Warp Spiders (still WIP)

Inspired in no small part by these

The legs have been changed, but no heads yet while a good option is sourced. Either Guardian helmets with added mandibles, or the smooth masked Dark Eldar pilot heads. The helmets will also then have the warp spider run decal added.

Both aspect warriors also look 'dark' enough to be used as a counts'as option in a Dark Eldar force. The Banshees could easily be Incubi/Wyches or something if need be, and the Warp Spiders could be Trueborn perhaps. Being more familiar with the rules entries for Dark Eldar might help with better comparisons, but the point still stands :)

Next up, will be some Shining Spears adaptations. Hopefully there will be either an easy way to use the Dark Elf knights legs without it looking too fantasy, or perhaps combined with Dire Avenger bodies, these will look suitably space aged. After all, the Jetbike Autarch needs a bodyguard.
Also on the list are Rangers, Warlocks including one or two mounted options and maybe a mounted Farseer but that's less likely. I also have plans for some Incubi conversions, but I might wait until the rumoured 'Aeldari' release in July is a bit more concrete so as to avoid making proxies for potentially awesome new kits :)

Oh, also this lot:

Hoping also to get some more airbrush time in this weekend, coupled with a first game of 8th with a friend :)

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Crafting Worlds

Apologies first of all for the defeated tone in yesterdays post. Few family issues going on at the moment, coupled with being down annoyed about airbrushing results...

As it turns out, I think that I was using airbrush cleaner to thin paints, rather than thinner, which I would guess accounts for the weird results I was seeing...

After reading through the new rules, and the Index Xenos covering Aeldari I was completely taken by the Ynnari subfaction, and my mind started working overtime, on what might have happened to the Exodite planet after the Fall of Biel Tan, and the intervening years with the rise of the Ynnari.

The fall of the Biel Tan surely brought together disparate elements of the Eldar race, as well as displacing those that once lived on the Craftworld. Those fleeing the destruction must have been desparate for any chance, using long forgotten charts looking for refuge. Eventually finding the maiden Exodite world.
After a while, the newcomers knowledge of technology and life beyond the limitations of the Exodite planet would have had a telling effect, turning the planet into a space port/trading hub with all aspects of the Eldar race...

My vision is a space port on the planets surface, with a webway portal, allowing for Dark eldar (corsairs?) and Harlequins to be added to the Exodite force under the Ynnari rules, or as allied detachments.

I had been clearing out the loft this past week and found a few old games consoles/games which won't connect to our TV, so I traded them in at a local independent store, and walked away with a decent chunk of cash. I placed an order from Element games in the car on the way home, and also spent some on a gift for my wife.

No Big surprise, but I will show off my purchases when they arrive :)
I also recently placed a bits order in order to make my own Aspect warriors (Warp Spiders & Howling Banshees). The thinking here though is that these look different enough to the Aspect shrines that they maybe could represent Wyches/Trueborn as well? I'm seeing my current models as being very interchangeable between different units from different races. :)

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Mixed Bag

Had another airbrush session today, and the bigger needle definitely helped with getting a good coverage.  I got the Wraithknight, and two dragons undercoated black, and then a really nice pale brown basecoat on the wing membranes of the dragons.

After that though, it all seemed to go wrong. The red I then wanted to add to the scaly parts of the dragons went on really watery, and im pretty disappointed, not really even sure how to salvage it either. I need to do some reading.

I did get a decent basecoat of red/brown on the wraithlord though to later highlight with red :)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Here comes the Sun(cannon)

The British summer looks to finally have arrived. I was planning on getting a couple of hours airbrushing this weekend but it's been far too hot to have to contend with paint drying on needle tips etc. Hopefully this weekend will be a little better for it. I've got a good idea of what I want to try and do with models like the Wraithknight and Dragons, but I just need time to have a go and see what works :)

Also of course this weekend was the release of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition. I was fist through the door of our local game store :P and I've been trying to read the important bits in the two indexes, and rulebook.

Lastly, I ordered a few bits & Pieces from ebay to start work on some custom Aspect warriors for my Exodite army and I'll be sharing progress when they arrive and I get time to spend on them.

Not much else for the time being, busy weekend plus horrible paint drying heat!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Working for the weekend

Work has been a complete mess this week, so I've felt less than motivated to do anything at all in the evening unfortunately.

Whilst sitting around being burnt out, I've been thinking about how to best plan airbrush time use to maximise effectiveness. I'm going to list the models I want to get coated, and then list models with a decent amount of an associated colour. For example, I want to paint the waveserpents predominantly Red, so I will try and also include Fire Dragons in this painting session to get the most time using one colour before washing out the brush and changing colour. A whiteboard to hang on the wall by the desk might be a good investment here, or a notice board to pin the weekly list to :)

Hopefully there will be time this weekend to get an hour or so with the brush on Sunday. Saturday is of course the release of 8th, so my friend and I are going to the game store for opening to collect our pre-orders and see whats going on, then my wife and I are meeting some friends for the rest of the day.

Hopefully some pictures to include on Sunday :)

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brush the dust away

Back to song title blog post titles? Not sure if relevant title or return to wordplay attempt...

Anyway. In light of the things I discussed in the previous post I had a few issues with my airbrush. After painting so many single models/small groups for Malifaux, the thought of batch painting 20+ Space Wolves at a time is really daunting to be honest, so I'm pretty sure airbrushing is a worthwhile investment. Checking Amazon, I found a basic airbrush with decent reviews, and a set to help me clean blocked needle tips/nozzles. I also splashed out and got a quick connector set, in order to be able to use both airbrushes with minimum effort, as I imagine that switching between different brushes without having to let the compressor lose pressure first would be tricky. Lastly, a desk clamp to hold both brushes.

The plan currently is to use the original airbrush as undercoat and larger base-coats with the .5mm needle, and the new brush for finer details with .3mm/.2mm needles.

So at least that's the plan currently. I'll be sure to keep updating with the journey through airbrushing for the second time around. I'm definitely looking forward to using it on the various dragons/larger models needing paint. Hopefully I can get some decent OSL on some places too :)

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

One Step Forward...

So I mentioned in my previous post that I'd been home from work sick, and I managed to shift the earache, but the tinnitus and migraines might need another doctors visit :(

Anyhow, I managed to get a whole wealth of work done, and magnetised nearly all the weapon options a mounted Wolf Lord might need. It took a fair while yesterday, but it will be worth it, and I've not managed to find a straight answer as to how best he should be armed :)

I also managed to make him a base, which would have photographed better before primer...

I also alluded to some kind of special surprise to reveal this weekend, and it didn't exactly go as planned...

I bought an airbrush booth, after a lot of encouragement from a painter/gamer friend of mine at work. When the earache had subsided enough to break it out to test this weekend, I duly fired everything up, compressor still works, I still have some PTFE tape, great! I primed the base above, and the other TWC bases I made on Friday, plus my Wraithlord. I washed out the brush to get a coat of dark grey on the bases, the start of which can be seen above, and of course the brush got blocked.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to clean out the brush, and it seems (from the state of the needle) that I either put it away without cleaning it last time :( or the German grey i was using had some gunk in the cap which is now lodged in the 0.2m needle cover...
This was a bit annoying, as all I had managed to do was the work of a can of primer in about 5 times the time it would have taken :p

So the upshot of all this is that I now have the 0.5mm needle for primer and larger groups model basecoats, and a new brush in case there is something else wrong with mine, but that one will have the 3mm needle for more detailed things, and general work :)

I also ordered a brush holder and a quick release attachment set to switch between the brushes easily.

So, hopefully I'll be able to document Airbrush setup 2.0 at some point this coming weekend. That's all for now though

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Weekly Progress

I've been really ill this week. I've had Tinnitus for a few months, but this week I've had earache dizziness and migraines to go with it, so I've missed the past two days at work, which I hate doing as it means someone else has to pick up my projects.

The silver lining of course is that I've had a little extra time to spend on hobbying. I've gone a bit crazy with the pipes/tubes on my Eldar 'Vehicles' but I wanted to avoid the feeling that the weapon mounts were just stuck to the back of a dragon, so I have tried to imply that they have a power source somewhere else on the model. I'm going to add some small sections of plasticard tubes on the cabling to break up the longer patches, and maybe insinuate protection for what looks to be quite vulnerable power lines. I've also tried to cover up the riderless saddle with varying degrees of success. The Dark Elf dragon variation looks pretty self contained without any of the above so I've just left it as-is, using the Wraithknight secondary weapon mounts, plus some armour on the back.

I'm also done with the Wraithknight now, except for some gap filling on the more ill-fitting parts that I have added recently but it's no more than a few minutes work, along with blending some of the more disparate joins.
I'm really pleased  with this as I think it looks a suitably less advanced/low tech answer to the model for an Exodite force, as well as a kind of life support system for the ancient dragon.

I'm going to try and get some bases made for the Thunderwolf Cavalry and mounted Lord model ready for an exciting new development which I will hopefully be able to share this weekend...

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Storage Wars

It's been a while since the last update, but in amongst a busy weekend, I had to be at home waiting for a plumber to fix a leak in the bathroom, and it's all been a bit hectic.

Storage seems to be a topic that I cover a lot on the blog, but it's in the hope that someone else will benefit from my trials and tribulations.
The current issue is that of the dragons I'm using for my Eldar Exodites. I'm fairly sure that all the infantry/'jetbikes' will fit in one of the couple of variants I have for storage currently, but the wingspan & height of the dragons makes then take up a pretty large footprint in their current 'under bed storage box' home. Taking this around on the bus to the club for gaming would be a pain to say the least, so I posted in the gaming group to see if anyone had any ideas, and was messaged pretty quickly by someone who I vaguely know from trading groups, with a pretty great solution.

So the box is a larger version of what I'm using at the moment with a wooden runner near the top and a cut up magnetic whiteboard for both the larger models in the bottom, and the infantry to sit on in the top. I think this is the best solution for what I have so I'm going to try and work out how best to adapt it.
I'll probably end up using a 'really useful box' for the larger container as I know these are good quality & sturdy, but then I'm not sure what to do about the shelf with infantry on, or if maybe I'll use a shallower box for the dragons like I am at the moment, but of better quality and then have the infantry boxes in a holdall/backpack.

When I get the time i'm going to go through related measurements and see what the best option is, but as it happens I may be involved again with a theatre group I used to stage manage for on Wednesdays so transporting the models might not be too urgent for now :/

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