Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cool WIP

See what I did with the post title? Oh yeah guess who had coffee for breakfast. Seriously though this is the last chance I will get to make a picture post until next weekend. Getting fed up of it being so dark in the evenings during the week to be honest, but that's just the way it works right?
No more coffee... ON WITH THE PICTURES! ^_^

I'm very proud of the way these guys are turning out, I mean for starters, that actually looks like a face with hair, and both eyes have pupils pointing in the same direction (god bless graphical drawing pens). I also posted these on the forums, and worked out how to link individual posts, so I updated my post in the painting thread locator :)

I also decided that If/When I get chance I'm going to start photographic my most recent Warhammer Fantasy armies, and blog any further painting progress. I like the GW models, and some of my friends still have some, so it's a game I'm pretty likely to play (at least until the next new rule book comes out, or I teach them Warmachine) so why not keep painting, cos I will always enjoy it. I will of course not use the IABN tag for any such posts :)
/Rant off

Thanks for dropping by


  1. nice job lofty those are some great looking models. The Drybrush seems to be a lot more subtle and really works well I think. the faces are really coming along a lot better with the eyes painted properly.

    Good job and keep them coming.

    Cheers CJ

  2. Thanks dude, I made a real effort with these guys, I'm trying to improve my technique, and overcome my shakey hands. I just finished a gorgon, a hydra and the finishing touches on the above guys, but it's dark now, so pics next weekend! :)