Saturday, 30 January 2010

Point(s) in Case

My case arrived and I have pictures as promised ^_^ it is truly wonderful cost your gaze upon't;

So the case is a double aluminium from KRMulticase and it has three of the trays which you can see the infantry in (i guess they should be infanTRAYS, geddit?...) the other half of the case is made up of the Pic 'n' Pluck for the heavy jacks, a half width infantry tray for solos and casters, these two stack to make one quarter total of the case, and the last quarter is to extra deep infantry trays which I'm using for light jacks, and Cavalry when they arrive. I'm even saving space optimistically for multi-wound infantry (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease).

So there we have it :) I'm really please with the way everything has fit in there, I've use the spare foam from the pick n pluck to pad fragile parts, and there is plenty of space for expanding the army. Im going to be getting a lot of empty trays from these guys, and keeping them (with minis in of course) in the cupboard part of my desk, and then getting them in the case when I need to move them. Genius.

Other than the case, I got my Rahn and Arcanist today (unfortunately still waiting on the Chimera and Magister I ordered a month ago) and will be basing them tonight, and priming them tomorrow. I'm trying not to be too excited about the wargaming club I will be attending for the first time on Monday, but I'm damn sure looking forward to it! I mentioned it to a couple of friends of mine, who would've been in the gaming group we were setting up, and they seem interested too, and are waiting on my feedback. I think this could be the start of a wargaming resurgence in my near future ;P gone are the days of "Just" painting at any rate ^_^
Also - what is it with me and thread titles recently, I am on FIAH! Yeah that's right, I have a caffeine problem...
Thanks for dropping by :)


  1. SWEET armycase mate looks really good! seems to fit your army and room to spare for all the other goodies still to come. to bad about the models taking so long that's really a bummer mate.

    and yes for the love of all things holy LAY OF THE CAFFEINE XD

    Cheers CJ

  2. I got an email from the website and they are reposting ny missing models :)
    case is awesome, I'm really pleased with it. Rahn and the arcanist are pretty much finished too ^_^

  3. Hey Lofty I want to have a word with you about the foams you ordered. I'm kind of confused and going to order one of these myself. Can't fit a Goblin army and my Retribution in my current case.

  4. emailing you now mate
    happy to answer any one else's queries about the case too just drop me a line