Saturday, 23 January 2010

Double Plus Good

Glorious sunshine makes taking group shots a breeze :)
Also below are my Invictor UA which I finished this week, and my yet to be primed ACTION POSE GORGON tm

Also had some pretty good news this week too. A friend of mine who has "grown out" of wargaming has always shown an interest in the models on my painting desk when he comes to visit, and each time i've seen him recently he has been asking more and more about my retribution, so I linked him to PP's website, and said he liked the Protectorate models, but not the Warjacks. so of course I linked him to the new plastic warjacks, an new cinerators/casters, and he said he liked them a lot. Then on Wednesday I get a text saying that he is going to try and get together a gaming group, which is great news, even if it is just our regular DnD plus a bit of Warhammer/40k. But the coup de grace is that the same friend came round last night and was telling me which Protectorate models he is going to buy, and how he is going to paint them etc. Awesome! Now if I can only manage to teach the other guys how to play, they might like it as well! To be honest I would really love there to be a store locally which sold PP miniatures because I would totally apply to be a PG, I've been looking at some scenery to buy this year, and maybe get a few boards which can be stored easily when not in use, but easily painted/flocked and gamed on (on top of the coffee table).

All in all, (apart from work but thats another story) things are looking up for my Iron Kingdoms hobbying!
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  1. Awesome photo's man. I like how they all look in the sun light, I might have to try some pics like that. Good luck with your gaming group too. I hope all goes well.

  2. Great looking army mate!! and very good to hear you might actually get in some more gaming buddies. had my first 2 ever games today with Protectorate but games non the less. have to see I really like the game mechanics!

    It plays well on a basic lvl but has a lot more depth and feel with the unit specfic rules and such. Looking forward to my first ever Retribution game !!!

    about game boards just by a game mat and 2 bij4 foot sheets and some hindges. that way you can fold the table so it's easy to store them in a regular closed. going to make the same for myself soon.

    Anyways looking forward to the gaming community reports for over your way.

    Cheers CJ

  3. Dustin - thanks for the support. I'll keep updating the blog when I hear more about the gaming group :) I was really pleased with the pics too, I'm glad they came out well.

    CJ- really glad you enjoyed the game you had mate :) it gets better from the first :p
    yeah I've been looking at where to get battlemats and stuff from so that's my next project fir this year. I will most certainly be posting battlereports and any other news from my new gaming community :D

  4. Well I personally will you the Games Workshop battle mat (6 by 4 feet so will have some left over. But I've heared good stuf about this product:

    It's a rubber textured mat but with some amazing detail. will cost you some money but save you a lot of time to.

    On the folding part I found a tutorial on another blog:

    Might be a good idea to check that out aswell.

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to my next games especially since I want to play with retribution :D. Looking forward to using my list for the first time.

    Cheers CJ

  5. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, that folding table is exactly what I need for space saving ^_^

  6. Glad to be of assistance.