Friday, 17 November 2017

Back in action

We managed to get a game night on Thursday :D
I played Hoffman because my friend hadn't even seen my completed models, so it was a good excuse/reason :) It was pretty difficult playing with Hoffman who I'm not very familiar with, after a while of not playing, against Kirai who I'm also not familiar with, 8-10 though so it could have been a lot worse!

Once we have a working 'study' again I want to try and get the rest of my guild collection table ready and get some games going with Perdita & Rollins Black ASAP. As well as a lot more games in general.

Hopefully going to have the room move done this weekend, so no hobby updates incoming for a few days, unless its a pic of the new layout (minus gaming table so probably not!), but will be picking up table soon and get some pictures up :)

Hoping that the Ethernet cables we have currently are long enough to reach their new destination, but Screwfix is close enough to get new stuff at any rate :)

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