Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bank Holiday Business

After posting the other day, I started thinking more closely about what models are currently outstanding with a view to what would be the best use of an airbrush session.
Checking the Guild project page gives us the below likely candidates for some quick coats of brown leather:
Malifaux Child
Metal Sam Hopkins
Master Queeg
The Latigo Posse
Death Marshal Recruiters
Abulea Ortega

Of these, a lot of them will need basing work doing, which I will try and get at least some completed tonight.

After 'recent' games with the Guild, this will also expand my playable model count considerably. Especially if Brutal Effigy and Limited Francisco get anywhere near completed soon.

Lastly, some Neverborn models are ready and waiting for paint, and will benefit massively from an albeit very different basecoat:
Black Blood Shaman
Widow Weaver
Mysterious Effigy

This weekend is pretty much a write off as there is a music festival that my wife and some friends want to go to (not my first choice for music) so I won't be at home much for any useful hobby time until Monday.
Let's see what happens based on this mission plan (despite the fact that planning things out for hobby time seems to be the guaranteed way to make sure it doesn't happen :P)

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