Monday, 26 June 2017

Dragon Knights - Crafting Worlds

Apologies first of all for the defeated tone in yesterdays post. Few family issues going on at the moment, coupled with being down annoyed about airbrushing results...

As it turns out, I think that I was using airbrush cleaner to thin paints, rather than thinner, which I would guess accounts for the weird results I was seeing...

After reading through the new rules, and the Index Xenos covering Aeldari I was completely taken by the Ynnari subfaction, and my mind started working overtime, on what might have happened to the Exodite planet after the Fall of Biel Tan, and the intervening years with the rise of the Ynnari.

The fall of the Biel Tan surely brought together disparate elements of the Eldar race, as well as displacing those that once lived on the Craftworld. Those fleeing the destruction must have been desparate for any chance, using long forgotten charts looking for refuge. Eventually finding the maiden Exodite world.
After a while, the newcomers knowledge of technology and life beyond the limitations of the Exodite planet would have had a telling effect, turning the planet into a space port/trading hub with all aspects of the Eldar race...

My vision is a space port on the planets surface, with a webway portal, allowing for Dark eldar (corsairs?) and Harlequins to be added to the Exodite force under the Ynnari rules, or as allied detachments.

I had been clearing out the loft this past week and found a few old games consoles/games which won't connect to our TV, so I traded them in at a local independent store, and walked away with a decent chunk of cash. I placed an order from Element games in the car on the way home, and also spent some on a gift for my wife.

No Big surprise, but I will show off my purchases when they arrive :)
I also recently placed a bits order in order to make my own Aspect warriors (Warp Spiders & Howling Banshees). The thinking here though is that these look different enough to the Aspect shrines that they maybe could represent Wyches/Trueborn as well? I'm seeing my current models as being very interchangeable between different units from different races. :)

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