Monday, 31 July 2017

Up and coming - August

Trying to get back on top of hobbying after last month being rather hectic. The plan for this month will mainly be consolidating a few things rather than setting targets to achieve.

As per my usual tendency I've bought too much too quickly for the latest project of Eldar.
Current outstanding builds are below, so Ideally, i'd get most of this at least ready for the table, if not ready for WIP painting by month end.

Dragon Storage
I'd like to replace the current not so sturdy (cheap) box that the larger models and soon to be flyers etc will be stored in with a 'Really useful box' as theses tend to be reinforced and pretty sturdy construction. I just need to pull my finger out and find out the right dimensions for those damned wingspans :) then order enough self adhesive magnet stuff to fit.

Boxed Sets
2 x Venoms
1 x Raider
10 x Dark Eldar Warriors
10 x Wyches
1 x Starweaver
2 x Harlequin Troupes
1 x Death Jester
Crew for all flyers

Shining Spears
Mounted psyker
Warp Spiders

By no means is this a list of 'have to dos' as, through experience, this isn't the right way to get things done. Hopefully though it'll be good to see progress as things get done & ready to be used and to be painted :)

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