Monday, 1 February 2010

Let the good times roll

I'm sitting on the train after my first visit to my now regular gaming night :) I had a great time. Met the local Warmahordes contingent and a few others, and watched a 50pt battle. Both players were nice guys, and watching them play left me kicking myself that I hadn't brought any minis. Not to worry though. I'll be cutting teeth with my 35points vyros list next week. Should be great!
Really pleased I messaged the guy and went along.
Cheers for stopping by :)


  1. Hey lofty,

    sounds like it's going to be ok with your real life gaming after all! To bad you didn't have your models with you, also smaller games are ussually a good way to get the rules into routine. a few smaller (15/20 pts) games can be played in the same time as a larger game. But with a lot of help from experienced gamers a 50 pts game should be a lot of fun :D

    Keep us posted mate!

  2. Yeah man, it's looking up! If I get my
    missing models by next week I'll try out the kaelyssa battlebox, try and get more games into the time, then work up togames with units and solid :)
    thanks for the support man :)
    I'll try and do some battle reports with pics vids if I'm able ^_^

  3. awesome! looking forward to the battlereports mate!

    Cheers CJ

  4. Woot first game with retribution and first win! :D

    Cheers CJ

  5. Oh that's awesome dude! grats :)