Sunday, 30 April 2017

Line in the sand

I don't think that counts as a pun... It's the 'Always' strategy from the standard strats & schemes for Malifaux...

We've all said this before, and probably most of us have meant it, but I doubt very many of us have managed to stick to it - I don't want to buy anything else until I've painted up most of what I have outstanding.

After the big push to assemble and get all my guild miniatures primed, I said something similar, but then managed to get hold of the Wild Ones crew, got some additions to this in order to get the War Rabbit promotion & bought Titania for the Dufresne alt model. So I'm serious this time, I really want to make a dint in my huge lot of assembled & primed models as I feel no small amount of shame for how much I've spent, and then not even got game ready.

Without making the mistake of setting targets and burning out like I did with Hoffman, current hit list will be something like this:
Lone Marshall
Pale Rider
Bases (Ortega posse, Lucius & co plus DM Recruiters)

Let's see how I fair in the next few hobby sessions :) I have some models to assemble to keep me occupied should need be (Kamaitachi, Guild Hounds, Titania) and My friend at work is interested to see me actually do something with my Infinity, so I hope I'm able to get some colours down soon as a PoC for my army colours.

I believe the Malifaux Project lists are up to date so I'll keep altering them as I progress.

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