Thursday, 13 April 2017


So this happened

But then this also happened :(

I didn't know it was a translucent crew before I bought it or I wouldn't have done. After speaking to the seller, he also apparently didn't know, and it wasn't marked on the original sale post. To be fair I think Paypal would refund me here based on misleading product information...
I decided to ask around about people's experiences with the translucent plastics from Wyrd, and they all confirmed what my biggest worry was, which is how brittle the plastic is compared to the standard kits. I decided, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth that I would carry on regardless as otherwise I wouldn't have the crew at all :)
The plastic is very brittle, and there are lots of thin parts which I'd be worried about even in the standard plastic. The smaller parts are also very hard to align as of course they are transparent. In hindsight I should have not started this but here we are :p

I managed to get the dismounted Rollins made up easily enough and Cherry Bomb assembled apart from the hand holding the gun which I can't see well enough to attach on such a thin connection point. I think before I get any further, the rest of the frames need a thin coat of primer to make them easier to work with for assembly.

I can't help but worry though seeing how thin some of the pieces are after seeing how brittle this type of plastic is.

Sorry to be so negative but I'm pretty bummed out after this costing so much with customs and all the rest, and now it feels like it needs to not be played with incase i break parts off...

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