Monday, 10 April 2017

In Summery

You love puns, I know you do.

This weekend saw a lot of sun for us over in rainy old England, so I finally got a whole heap of models spraycoated. The only things I now have not ready to paint are the Titania box set that I'm still assembling. Including some of my wife's models I basecoated 30 or so models in the sun on Sunday.
As I was home alone, and had some family plans cancelled, I also managed to put in some time on my Lilith crew, and only have the lady herself and teeth/blood effects on the Nephilim before I can call them don and be happy (as happy as you ever can be when you finish a model i think)

I had started some basing ideas for the Ortega family, wanting to do something different from the cobbled streets of the rest of my guild collection in order to represent their remote frontier operations. I originally tried to do wood planking using coffee stirrers, but it's really not so easy to cut these in a way that allows them also to look realistic, and they all ended up with sharp corners and blunt ends on a round base. After deciding to make-do with the bases I had made, I stumbled across a great website detailing a good process for wood grain bases, as well as a video being released the same day for the same effect. Not being one to ignore such a huge hint, I stripped my handiwork off the bases and started a greenstuff replacement, using Abuela Ortaga's base as a pilot as it will mostly be obscured if it had not turned out well.

I really like the look, and will continue this for the other Ortega models :)

We played again on Thursday, and I took Lilith as we were playing GG17. I really enjoy Lilith anyway, but she seems far better suited to the new scheme marker heavy pools than Guild would be. I was considering a Sonnia list with stalkers/Handler combo and an arresting Daschel, but flight and sprint are fantastic for getting pieces in position and dropping markers. Personal highlight in this game for me was Nekima's grow upgrade letting me summon a Mature Nephilim from a heavily wounded Young Nephilim. I love me some Mature Nephilim!
Seems like this is the year of Neverborn for me :)

Lastly, I managed to snag myself a Nightmare McCabe 'Wild Ones' crew box which is currently in transit from the US, so more to follow on this as soon as I'm able. Excited isn't the word!

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