Monday, 3 April 2017

Up and coming - April

Let's take a look at what got crossed off the list from last month :)

Hoffman - Done!
Infinity - Still no word from the guy a the hobby shop, but I may be able to play someone at work! Watch this space...
Scenery - Pretty much done with Scatter terrain now, maybe need a couple of sets of MDF crates/barrels to complete two boards of terrain :)
Product Reviews - None written last month, but hopefully i'll get my self in gear and write a couple this month
Project Lists
Malifaux - Done & Done
Eldar Exodites - Done
Space Wolves - Done
Warhammer Fantasy (8th ed) Orcs & Goblins - Done
Hordes Skorne

So I'm not going to add any new items this month, but I do want to cross off the rest of the project list posts, and try and write product reviews for all those items still outstanding.
I would also love to actually get some progress made and photos taken, so maybe that's this month's main objective, to actually progress with what I have waiting to be worked on.

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