Saturday, 22 April 2017

Back to Basics

I managed to assemble the rest of the Nightmare crew on Sunday, and everything went together pretty well except for one of the bikers.

 Elli Ramone is inside the wheel of her 'bike', the circular part of the bike however doesn't fit together as a complete circle for some reason. Of course I only discovered this whilst holding the rear part plus rider together while the glue set, in order to also get the handlebar in so that each part wasn't set and allowed be to adjust positions in order to line everything up. I wont go into details but after narrowly avoiding a high speed trip across the room, several loud and colourful exclamations seem to have made everything stick together just fine... If I'm honest, my heart was in my boots whilst struggling through that particular assembly after it costing so much. Not to dwell though, it's made now :) this is hopefully the last of my complaints and regrets about this kit as well so the future is bright!

As a bit of therapy after this last ordeal, I spent some time making the bases for this crew and Izamu

I'm going to add texture paste for a desert style base with some dry grass tufts, and desert style shrubs as well as dusty pigment on the base and some parts of the models when complete.

For Izamu I wanted to maintain his eastern aesthetic, as I will try to do with all Ten Thunders models I end up with rather than try and tie them into the biker gang theme of 'McCabe'. The idea currently is to do cocktail sticks as bamboo flooring on the raised parts, and try and recreate liquid greenstuff as 'water' (pre paint and gloss varnish) like I did for Hoffman's sewer bases, with the stepping stones, and some stiff bristles from a brush as reeds.

Lastly, I've made a bit of progress with the test woodgrain base I made for Abuela, and built up a more interesting base for Perdita.

There are a fare few bases outstanding for models I have undercoated, so I'm going to try and get some work put in on them, in order to make models usable where possible and paint them on their bases rather than having them sitting on corks WIP and not playable. This won't be possible for everyone though :)

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