Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Best laid plans

I had intended to get a post written last Wednesday to post on Thursday, as I knew we would be busy with friends staying over the weekend. One short notice pub invite for Wednesday evening and here we are...

This also means that I haven't had time to do any modelling stuff anyway really. I have all my guild models built now, and have attached a few to corks for painting (they might end up being painted attached to their base once its made, depends how fiddly they are), and I have most of my Neverborn models built and based, ready to be sprayed, aided by the simpler basing. I recently picked up the new Titania crew almost on a whim as it contained the alternate McMourning model, and my wife recently picked up the McMourning box :) as it happens, the limited McMourning model was missing a face, so depending on what Wyrd sent to replace, I may be able to salvage a usable copy of the model with the female multipart roleplaying kit which I want to pick up anyway to proxy a few models.

I wanted to try a different base idea for my Ortega models, and have attempted a wood plank/ranch/desert style base. I'll probably roll this out to Nightmare McCabe if I ever get my grubby little hands on it :)

This week's MO is basing, and getting all my bare grey plastic ready for what I hope to be a sunny Sunday and get everything sprayed, and make some progress :)

I know it's another text post, but the pics will start re-appearing again soon :)
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