Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Up and coming - May

Last month was a little looser in definition than previous iterations, but I did manage to do everything I wanted to on the vague list I set out.

The usual suspects are still loitering though...
Scenery - I've made what I think is enough scatter terrain to go along with my table setups, so the only thing that I think is left are the two mdf building kits I have left to assemble. Then perhaps some crates/similar once I can see how all that looks setup for games.
Product Reviews - I think as long as I stick to one or two a month while there are outstanding items, then this doesn't need to be added to future monthly lists :)
Infinity - I'd like to get my Sogarat Feuerbach painted up as my proof of concept for a colour scheme, but not necessarily this month. As long as I make a start I'll be happy.
Bases - Simply put, I've got a lot of bases to make for models that are sprayed and waiting for paint, so I'll keep chipping away at these.

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