Monday, 24 April 2017


Another new post category? Madness I tells ya!

Our group of Malifaux players have been batting around the idea of a Through The Breach campaign for a while now, and when the PDF bundle went up on Drive Thru RPG, I snapped them up even though I had the physical books, which my friend and soon to be DM also got at Christmas.
The announcement of 2e but a bit of a damper on things, but our DM friend has been playing D&D recently and has the RP bug again, so he train is ready to leave the station.

Briefly looking through the character creation rules etc looks a bit intimidating if I'm honest, and I've read some mixed reviews about the magic system being clunky. We have a date pencilled in for our first session including character creation, so that means that my wife and I have a target to have read and understood the game basics by (wish us luck!).

My initial character idea was a burly guard type character, armour under a heavy duster, shotgun & knuckle dusters kind of guy. This seems to be the kind of meat shield trope that I usually end up with in roleplaying games, so maybe I should change it up?
Idea the second is an arcane gun-slinger type with a plethora of pistols/huge rifle which they would presumably be able to augment through arcane buffs.
Lastly is the complete mage, with spells, a bit of madness and more of a contempt for humanity.

I'll base the final decision on what I learn from reading up on the rules, and how complex each character might end up being as a first iteration.

This also leads me on to having a model to represent myself in-game so I'm trying to resist the temptation to order the multi-part kit and create a character rather than just using one I have in my collection :p

I'll keep updating as this progresses. It will supercede my D&D plans for the time being, but will also hopefully allow some impetus to carry on into that from our Through The Breach campaign.

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