Friday, 7 April 2017

Token Gesture

When I decided I was going to take the plunge into M2e, I was watching a lot of the Guerilla Miniature Games videos on gameplay, and hobby aspects. If you haven;t checked them out, you really should by the way. One of the reviews on the channel was for a token set for various conditions, and scheme markers etc. As luck would have it, we were planning a trip to the US at the time, and I emailed the store on etsy  to see if they would be happy to ship to our hotel in the US rather than me paying some silly money to get them delivered to the UK.

The token set is very comprehensive, and has everything you would need for your games. The only faction specific thing about the sets are the colour and the scheme marker logo, there aren't options for extra poision markers if you play ressers for example. The markers are high quality engraved perspex, they look great and are very durable to boot. The one and only complaint I have is that the paper which covers the perspex whilst its being cut is an absolute pain to get off the intricate engraving on some of the pieces. I used toothpicks, as they are soft enough to not scratch the plastic, but there are still some sticky marks on some of my counters that I'm not sure how to completely remove.

The activation markers are probably my favourite part of the set, and the Scheme markers just flat out look great, the logo is very well done. The status effects, like burning, focus etc come in sizes by miniature base, and can sit flush around the base should a model be affected by more than one condition, which I really like rather than multiple tokens next to multiple models bases.
I'd highly recommend picking this set up if you are stateside, or don't mind the international shipping, as it's a very comprehensive, themed set which you won't need to add to any time soon. High quality, great looking stuff :)

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