Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Up and coming - June

I barely got anything done from my list last month :( in my defence, I wasn't accounting for the 8th edition announcement and various related excitement.

This doesn't mean that I've not done anything though, I've been working on getting armies ready for the new edition of 40k which has been no small task in light of not really knowing what is going to be good to have and what to equip it with :)

This month's work list is as follows, in context of the new edition of 40k:
Exodites - The Waveserpents & Wraithknight are very close to being table ready (except for paint) so I want to get these done, as my Eldar army is n the best state to be game ready when the new rules are released.
Space Wolves - Keep working on detailing dreadnoughts, character conversions & Thunderwolf conversion. Until the rules are out, I won't know what best to equip infantry with so I've put a bit of a hold on making them for now.
Bases - Still lots of bases outstanding from various Malifaux crews so I want to try and catch up with these
Scenery - Only two mdf building kits left so I'd love to get these off my list and assembled :)

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