Friday, 5 May 2017

On the Payroll - M C

I was going to try and do something in the style of Sons of Anarchy's SAMCRO. However, 'Wild Ones Motorcycle Club Original' comes to WOMCRO which sounds weird...


I've made some decent progress with the nightmare McCabe box set, which I think is well worth sharing, especially after all the sulking and carrying on I did when I first got it :p

I also had the crazy idea (probably where SAMCRO came from above) to proxy the Wastrels from the standard McCabe box as some of the characters from Sons of Anarchy from the Through The Breach kit, so we shall see what I can manage to make of that :)

Bases are done, and waiting model placement before I add any grass tufts, if at all. Of course, I couldn't wait to see how it all looked so I can hopefully still get Cherri Bomb finished without either making a mess of the base or it getting in the way :p

The models themselves have been a real joy to paint with the exception of the already troublesome Ramone Biker, but I think they all look pretty good so far.

I'm not exactly rushing through these, but they've somehow made their way to the top of my painting list while there is still so much stuff that I just primed and stuck in a drawer :/ I am trying to get some older WIP models done at the same time though (Alt Franc, Brutal Effigy, Lone Marshall, Pale Rider) and they are pretty close to being done too.

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