Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dragon Knights - March to war

As I said in Junes plannign post, I'm trying to get my Eldar ready for the new edition as I have the least to do on them. To this end, I spent some time on Monday (in between finding and trying to fix a leaky water pipe...) making sure all the Wave serpents had switchable weapon options, which they now do. Part of this was overcoming what to do with the Dark Elf dragon variant which is different enough from the others to be a bit of a pain with positioning. In the end the pieces I have used I think look great, and the gun mounts are I think from the Wraithknight kit.

The real progress however is on the man himself... I was stumped for what to do to detail the Wraithknight really as I had a basic idea with the armour and pose etc but it just looked like it was sitting on the dragon part of the model with no integration. I wanted to try and use guitar-string cabling, but didn't have any thick enough, and it isn't really easy to use for anything other than it's intended purpose.
I broke out my Greenstuff roll maker and started making rolls, initially thinking they would't be long enough for what I wanted. I threw caution to the wind and just started adding them to the model, and I think the results speak for themselves.

I added some more parts to the back of the carapace today and want to add a few more cables to integrate the 'power plant' I added but all in all I'm over the moon with how it looks currently :)

There are lots of rules leaks going around currently, and to be honest it's all pretty meaningless to me. The min-maxers are out in force though saying what's useless and what isn't. I'm just looking forward to getting some games with a 'new' force :)

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