Monday, 15 May 2017

Wolves of Winter - Dread wolves

Title is a bit forced, but I can't think of anything better on a Monday morning :p

After my last post about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 my long time gamer friend sent me some pictures of conversions he had done for new iterations of characters he has featured in each version/re-work of his chaos marine to date. Needless to say that this was the gauntlet drop I needed to get me into gear making Space Wolves.

I'll admit that when I got my box out of the cupboard, I spent an hour or so in which I had hoped to get some hobby done being overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had both in progress and not knowing where to pick up, and NoS and not knowing what to make from it with regard to weapon options etc. It was still useful to spend the time working out what was what though, and the following day I picked the Contemptor dreadnought conversion, and the Thunderwolf cavalry to work on.

I spent what felt like forever fiddling with the skull face-plate/helmet from the standard dreadnought kit, but finally made it fit. I also put the time into magnetising all the weapon options. I'd like to get some of the Forgeworld weapons for this dreadnought chassis, for aesthetics more than anything, the Heavy Bolter option looks awesome. Rules-wise it might make sense to have something other than Mulit-Melta/assault cannon too. Maybe I could use the standard dread chassis as more of a gun carriage?..
I just need to embellish with wolf iconography/furs and this is all done :)

It's possibly been around a decade since I assembled my last space marine, so it was a bit strange cutting and cleaning the pieces for the cavalry riders. I had trouble with the posing of the rider with the axe, as I wanted to use the 'hand holding fur' to make it look like he's actually riding the mount.  I want to try and make sure that whilst they look cool, I also include the weapons they should have somewhere on the model, like pistol holsters, and the Chainsword on Boltgun guy.

I need to do some more bases for the wolves but I'll be keeping them separate until they've been painted.

I think next up I'll try and make a squad of Grey Hunters. I've fallen into the trap before of making all the cool stuff like characters and special units, and then really not having much motivation to complete the rank & file guys. So, once the cavalry riders are built I'll do a unit of ten chaps with weapon options whilst I add detail to the dreadnought.
Then maybe i'll start work on the Thunderwolf Lord mount conversion :)

Thanks for stopping by :)

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