Thursday, 11 May 2017

8th Time's a Charm

There is a lot of noise and excitement at the moment about the upcoming edition of 40k. After all these years I can only say I'm skeptical. However with their recent revamp of the social media dept and engagement with the community, I can also say i'm quietly hopeful.

MY gaming buddy and I have been chatting about the sneak peaks that have been coming about about changes in the new edition, and have each agreed that if the rules are free as they are rumoured to be, then this would be a great chance for us to revamp his Thousand sons and my Space Wolves & Eldar Exodites.

I have a fair sized force of Space Wolves as pretty much a blank slate, with only a few miniatures assembled. I'm almost tempted to wait until the new rules are released in order to build these so that I can make them into useful configurations. The reality of this is more likely to be that I'll put them together as whatever looks good, and worry about it/proxy later :)

On the Exodite side of things, it all really depends on what the new rules look like as to what I should add next. I have a well rounded force with just the Wraithguard left to build, and the dragons to add weapon mounts to (and paint of course). I'd like another Wraithlord anyway even before the new dreadnought rules were teased, and I'm not convinced I want to make shining spears, or a warlock jetbike squad so I'm not sure what to do with the cold ones I have . I do want to make non-mounted warlocks and take another look at what aspect warriors I'd like to add and convert. I suspect that the merging of different Eldar into one codex will mean that I can make Wych/Howling Banshee proxies for example.

Other than that, it's quite exciting. This is the game that got me into the hobby after all, and without it I wouldn't be into roleplaying or any of the table top games I love to play and paint now. Or maybe I would, but it was definitely the top of the slippery slope I'm skiing down now :p


  1. Excited about 8th edition. Found your blog via old post about transporting miniatures. Played when younger and just back into game and introducing 40k to my kids. Intrigued if you have continued with airbrushing as this seems to be thebiggest painting development since i last was painting/collecting miniatures (25 years ago).

  2. Hey man thanks for the comment :). That transport case post does seem to be popular over the months! I stopped airbrushing altogether as i couldn't work out a way to do it around the cats. I'm going to grab an airbrush booth though and shut them out of the study for a couple hours every week/fortnight and do it that way. I'll blog it all too if you're interested. Working on Space Wolves as we speak!