Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Forge

My friend and I have been discussing the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 quite a bit , and I decided to join the Facebook group for the gaming group at the new game store - Forge26 in my home town.
I also popped in to meet everyone and have a nosy at the games going on on Wednesday which is their late night opening for gaming, and what i would probably be going to after 8th :)

The guy that runs the store was great, and the atmosphere was really friendly and no one seemed to mind me wandering round listening and watching what was going on. I spoke quite a bit to the guy who runs the store, and pre-ordered the books I need to use both my Space Wolves and my Exodites when the new rules are finally out.

I've asked a few people in a few places what I should be trying to assemble my marines as in order for them to be most likely to be useful in the new edition and most people have recommended to hang fire until the rules are out for certain. For the time being then I'm going to either be trying to get either my Waveserpents finished, The Thunderwolf Lord conversion progressed, or painting Malifaux. No rush for anything. It isn't like any of it is going anywhere soon. I would like to be able to play Space Wolves pretty soon though ;)

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