Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Wolves of Winter - Unrelenting

Once the bug bites, I find it hard to stop!

I made up the third 'rider' for the first set of three Thunderwolf cavalry, but because I needed a set of rider style legs for the Thunderwolf character conversion, I had to improvise. I must say that I'm pretty pleased with this, and it looks pretty much exactly how it did in my head which I'm chuffed about.

I'm sitting down tonight to start work on the first pack of Grey Hunters :) I've made a note on what they (currently) can & can't take so i don't get carried away, but I'll be applying the 'rule of cool' pretty liberally :D

On a side note, I went through a phase of buying d6 like they were some kind of precious commodity, perhaps a future currency in a post apocalyptic wasteland...
So I picked out the ones I'll be using for my Space Wolves :)

Busy weekend so maybe i'll get time to snap a couple of WIP shots before Monday

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