Monday, 8 May 2017

Breached - Fated

We had our first session of Through the Breach Yesterday, which was a great success for everyone I think.

The character creation process is very unique, and leaves a very distinct idea of the character before even assigning attributes and skills etc. However, it also leaves the option to completely buck the trend of the characters 'Station' (background) and go in a different direction. perhaps you've left your old life behind, perhaps you're spurning your past in favour of a new start?
My character was always going to be one of a couple of things  so when I flipped the card relating to the 'Mad Scientist' station, my decision was made :)

I blundered through the skill selections without really understanding the impact they would have on the game, other than ensuring that I selected the right skill sin order to cast spells.
I chose the tinkerer pursuit as this seemed to fit the best with Mad Scientist, and also gave me access to elemental spells, and the ability to enhance weapons/attacks.

I really enjoyed our intro adventure, and I'm going to be reading up around my various abilities and where I want to progress to, how different pursuits affect aspects of gameplay :)

If anyone is thinking about playing the game, I would definitely recommend picking it up as it's a lot of fun

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