Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Catching up

Wouldn't it have been great If I'd sprayed up some more minis this weekend during the sun? Well, yes but also no. I decided to spend my time working through my backlog of un-assembled Malifaux kits, with the view that I will also get the bases made this week, models pinned to either bases or corks, ready to be sprayed next sunny weekend (next year probably :P). There's only a couple of lawyers left to assemble, after pushing through the Ortegas (including Abuela - worse that the Austringers!!) and some Neverborn which I can then spray up altogether (plus some of my wife's recent miniatures) one afternoon. This will give me a lot of choice of what to paint when I sit down to do so and maybe help with burnout etc.

I'm drawing a line in the sand now, and making an effort to complete any models which are either half done or just primed before I buy anything else.

I also made a few more pieces of scatter terrain, after reading some interesting threads on the forums, and now I think once I've finally got round to finishing my scenery kits (review incoming once I have), we have a solid two tables worth of terrain of the right mix, blocking, sever etc.

Also this week, I got my light studio in the post, and hope to be able to test it out in Sunday, as we have (non gaming) friends staying with us Friday night/Saturday.

That's all for now, will hopefully have some bases made to show soon
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