Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Up and coming - March

I think this idea worked well enough to keep it running for this month at least.

I did mention some setbacks this month, which I think are valid rather than being excuses to miss planned targets.

So carrying forward:
Hoffman - Very nearly done pics of completed models this week or next.
Infinity - Still not too sure what's happening about a game, so perhaps best to hang fire another month unfortunately.
Scenery - This will run on for a few months as I have more scatter I want to make :)
Product Reviews - A new permanent feature of the blog, so this will continue until I've reviewed everything that I have outstanding :)

New Items!
Consolidation - I'm going to have a bit of as spring clean, and try and get a list together of everything i'm working on at the moment, what I have for that project and what is done for that project.
Off the top of my head, current projects are below. Subject to change of course, and in no order
Eldar Exodites
Space Wolves
Warhammer Fantasy (8th ed) Orcs & Goblins
Warhammer Fantasy (8th ed) Chaos mortals (complete but need to be stored/sold)
Hordes Skorne

I've found recently that time is short sometimes in the evenings and I only have an hour or so after commuting home, cooking, cleaning and prepping lunch for the next day that I can fit in some hobby time.
I hate feeling that this 'isn't long enough to bother starting anything' so if I have a list (which I'll pin to the wall by my desk) I can easily see what I can dip into/out of based on the time I have available. I hope this will also stop me from doing things like 'I'm working on Hoffman this week and need to get x done by Sunday' which only leads to burnout, and stops me from 'going with the flow' if i'm in the mood to keep converting a 40k army and end up painting Malifaux for example.

This weekend looks to be relatively free to do some cataloguing so hopefully I'll have some project breakdowns either in multiple separate posts or one larger post soon enough.

This is all part of a concerted effort to get the most out of the hobby I enjoy, and get the most of time outside of work, and any other social plans we have.

Thanks for stopping by

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