Sunday, 26 February 2017

Out of a rut and into the groove

I've finally made some progress with Hoffman and pals :D I also put some work into working out what I wanted to do for the wings on my Nephilim (pictures to follow as I progress more on the crew).
Guild constructs are Very close to being finished now, I think only highlights ti the gold/brass areas are left as well as finishing off the bases once the slimy paint arrives. Hoffman and Ryle just need some work on their clothes and they are done.

I also ordered a tripod mount for my mobile phone in an attempt to start getting better photos onto the blog, after reading this post I found when googling miniature photography.
Which leads on to more mediocre photos of what I've been working on :p

The 'sewer waste' is pretty much done here, maybe I will add some gloss to make it look fresh and wet... :/ grim

He's watching you...

The camera hasn't done justice to a cape i enjoyed painting and was left quite pleased with :(

Hopefully I'll have a finished crew shot to share with you soon, then end is definitely in sight! :)

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