Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mother of Monsters - On Wings of Darkness

Managed to get some work put in on Friday as I had the day off. I've got my limited Barbaros model to the same stage as my other Neverborn models, wich is waiting for wing membranes and purple cloth highlights, which I guess wont take long. I think I mentioned previoulsy that I had tested the colours for wings on the Mature Nephilim and Nekima, but never took pictures so I have those today, along with Barbaros and his blue tinted steel sword.

I just got news that we are getting a bonus this year from work, so I will be picking up the rest of the bits and bobs I want for a decent home photography set up in the coming weeks, so I can stop taking such terrible photos of mediocre paint jobs :p

Something I've noticed myself doing recently is highlighting up through from only a basecoat, despite knowing full well that the first coat im painting is intended to be a darker shade layer. For example, I went back and painted more of Hoffmans shirt when I realised that it wasn't overalls, but a waistcoat with a shirt. I use a shadow grey kind of colour path for white, so I started out with shadow grey and then just highlighted up from that which leaves him with almost a blue shirt... What I had envisioned was a shadow grey base, 70/30 shadow grey/wolf grey basecoat and then highlight up to white.

I find myself doing this far too often, so It's something I need to bear in mind for future as it can be easily remedied and will have a real impact on the finished model :)

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