Sunday, 12 March 2017

Dragon Knights - New Blood

Whilst I was pondering how to keep track of what I'm working on, in order to have a choice of things to dip into in a short space of hobby time, I was also wanting to think of some kind of showcase model to paint. I think I was painting the Warden's cloak at the time, and enjoying it a fair bit. I've always felt like I can paint cloaks pretty well and definitely enjoyed that part of miniatures (I thought I had a picture of my DND miniature to link but I can't find one sorry).

So after much deliberating and banding ideas about with my friend, I landed on a solution to my 'problem'

These models are fantastic. It doesn't even matter that (IF we ever play) we wouldn't be using the right rules edition for me to field any of them in my Exodite force. I'm going to be building these with no real rush and trying to use an airbrush as much as possible to make these worthy of displaying in our new cabinets in the living room.

I've managed to sit down this morning and get some of the swirly stuff built from the Avatar model, which I'll be keeping as separate as possible from the main body in order to paint properly.
This will be a slow update project as with the rest of the Eldar/Space Wolves as it will likely not see table time so it doesn't make as much sense to prioritise unless I'm in the swing of it. I suppose I need to get my Eldar project list done soonish :)

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