Friday, 24 March 2017

Losing Ground

Had our friends over for a game this week, which would have been the ideal time to take more photos of our mats & scenery setup but of course I forgot...

We have been playing exclusively with the original 2nd edition Schemes & Strategies since we all learned the game. Last night we played what was to be my second exposure to the new strats & schemes. I played my first game with Hoffman with the new objectives so didn't pay a massive amount of attention as I was learning the master. I played Justice this time around though, and to be honest I was struggling to keep all the necessary information in my head whilst playing :) It was fun though, just a bit overfacing I think.
I've printed off some copies of the new objectives someone did on the forums, so that we can read up and get used to the new ones for next time.

I don't have any more painting progress to show this week, but the Nephilim are almost done so I will get a completed photo of them as soon as they are. I also finally ordered a lightbox as the final part of my photo improvement scheme, and I will try this out as soon as I have something worth photographing :)

I've managed to be quite restrained with purchases since I received my bonus through work, I picked up some black blood shamans (I'm splitting the box with a friend), and a widow weaver when we stopped off at a model shop on the way past Sheffield after a family(in-law) get together in Leicester. I also picked up Master Queeg and the Lelu and Lilitu box from Element Games because I needed to get some greenstuff, and it made sense to buy more things before paying postage :p

Lastly, I did a bit of organising in my Hobby drawers and have all the frames and bases out of boxes into drawer, ready to dip into and assemble whenever I fancy, rather than having them all sitting piled in boxes 'out of the way' meaning i'll never get around to it.

Still busy, but nothing to show for it this week :)
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