Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Dragon Knights - The Saga So Far

Whilst I was writing up the project Page for my Eldar Exodites, I thought I would take some quick snaps of what I have built and/or painted so far :)


Avatar of Khaine

Farseer (Who I think may be some of my best work)


Shuriken cannon 'Jetbikes'


Striking Scorpions

Exarchs (with dragon cloaks)

Dire Avengers (Sorry I only checked this photo once I had packed everything away again :/)

Fire Dragon Exarch (with cloak and banner)

Wraithlord (Magnetised weapons not shown)

Wraithguard (Proof of concept)

The good stuff...

WraithKnight (minus weapons/tubing/cabling)

Scenic base (a Farseer watching over a clutch of dragon eggs plus WK)

Waveserpent (Dark Elf Dragon with loads left to add)

Waveserpents (High Elf dragons, both have weapons magnetised but need extras adding)

Hopefully more to follow as I start to pick up the project when I get chance :)

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