Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Midweek Muddle

It's been a busy few days, and I haven't had much time to hobby after finishing Hoffman. I have managed to get a pair of games with him though and have enjoyed them thoroughly. The Peacekeeper is phenomenal with Machine Puppet and heals off scrap counters.
I'll admit to having a lot to learn though, and having fun wrecking face with robots has as subtle side that I'm sure I'll find soon enough :)

I've also completed the Malifaux parts of my plan to plan things. It seems as thought the time i have for blogging is being taken up by writing this up so apologies if the post count has slowed down a little this month.
Next, I hope to be able to sort through my Eldar boxes as I have a day off coming up this week, so i'll hopefully be able to do some painting as well :)

I'm afraid that's all for now but I'll keep on keeping on and have some more to share with you all soon :)

Thanks for stopping by

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