Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On The Payroll - Robo Kitties

I managed to get the last two models assembled for Hoffman over the (busy) weekend, and the Hunters along with the Watcher raised an interesting problem.

All three models have a very thin connection point to the base. In the case of the Hunters I had to plastic glue them straight to the base for strength, and then wonder about how to base them. I eventually decided some kind of mud on the side that the models are one, and sewer type basing on the other side.

I managed to pin the watcher through one very thin and unstable leg to the base. In both cases however I wasn't looking forward to lifting them away from the magnetic storage I have been using of late (future post on my new storage/transport method incoming).

The workaround is these oddly angled pipes that are on the bases.

I have inserted a pin through the base which I've bent to be flush versus the base and then glued, I will also add greenstuff over the top of this to reinforce it. Above the base is a length of plasticard piping, filled with greenstuff which I pushed over the pin sticking out on top. I then glued this in place, and greenstuff the join on the base. Let it dry, and presto - I can pull the miniature away from the base without using the model to pull on, meaning they have no fear of coming away from the base, and I retain my sanity :)
I don't think the pipes look desperately out of place either to be fair. My only regret will be when I come to paint the hunters I think, as they are quite low to the base.

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