Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Living Infinite - Aggression Force

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Yep, you are correct I didn't have enough different things to keep on top of at once :P
I wasn't planning on making any headway into Infinity until later in the year if I'm completely honest, but I posted out of curiosity on the Facebook of our new local games store asking if anyone played Infinity locally, and the person responding from the shop wants to learn how to play so I guess we will be learning together once he has gone and looked at rules/minis :)

I had a look at what I have, and it looks as though I sold all of my 2nd edition miniatures, and have only since bought the new Morat Aggression Force starter. I remember putting a load of effort into the larger base included in the boxed set, for the Sogarat with Feurbach, who I had also pinned together. I glued him to the base ready to be sprayed alongside some other miniatures this weekend just gone but I of course forgot to spray him...

I've decided to go with a modified version of their concept colour scheme, with more dark blue, less grey and maybe orange accents? I had also hoped to be able to airbrush this project but I think more and more that this will never happen.

I'm trying to resist buying any more infinity miniatures until I know for certain that anyone is around to play. I'm still getting a definite 'No' from my regular wargaming buddy :P
If it all works out, I'm hoping for regular Wednesday evening for Infinity games at the shop.

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