Friday, 6 January 2017

Mother of Monsters - All your base are belong to us

I had recently written a post about a new basing method which I had waited for (delayed) delivery of before being able to base my Neverborn models which were otherwise ready to undercoat and get on with.

I sat down over the weekend (1/1/17 it must have been) and tired to use the mountain themed Basius pad to make the bases I wanted. I don't know whether it was me not following the picture guide provided on their website, whether it was the greenstuff I was using, humidity, alignment of the moon etc. but I couldn't get any results worth using. the bases had either nice crisp details and rounded amorphous edges, or stuck to the pad which I had drenched with water, or a mess of greenstuff that didn't make its way into the details of the texture pad properly.

After working on trying different things all afternoon, I decided I could use my time a lot better, and in the hour after putting the greenstuff away, I had cork/gravel bases made up for all my Neverborn models and got them pinned to their bases, which I also added magnets to.

I was a bit disheartened if I'm honest as I use cork and gravel on most of my models so I wanted to try something different and I had hoped that this would allow me to do that. If I'd known I would end up doing this I could have had everything based a long time ago ready to use.

I'm not giving up though, I'm going to give them another go when I get around to the infinity models I have to paint.

In better news, I did get a game with Lilith this week. We visited our friends on New years eve and played a 50pts game and a henchman game before some drinks for new year. I proxied Lilith using my guild models and some empty 40mm bases and had a great time.
The scheme pool had me scratching my head whilst I was thinking in Guild mode, but once we started playing I soon realised just how different the approach to these schemes was as a Neverborn player. There are a lot of rules for Lilith which I felt aren't worded fantastically on her card (Tangle of Shadows is tricky). This wasn't helped by the fact that I was looking at the cards for the second time only whilst playing as I hadn't read and learned them, thinking I wouldn't be playing until I had finished the crew. Very different from the Guild though which is a really nice change of pace
All in all a success though, and a lot of fun to look forward to once I've got the crew painted and ready :)

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